Elizabeth cuts it down to the information any prospect might need, like contacts. The agency creates websites and aids brands in improving their visual image and strategy. Rare is the IT shop using Markowitz’s portfolio theory, which is why our definition of portfolio management is so broad. This blog has a nice design and easy navigation but also features the writer’s works as well as her Instagram account — another way of connecting to the person. So then, what are the benefits of using a web-based portfolio? This is Tasha’s blog and portfolio and business cards at the same time. In this article, you will find examples of a good online portfolio for you draw inspiration from, as well as tips on how to make one for yourself. How to Create an Impressive Online Portfolio (with Examples) Drawing inspiration from these ideas, you can mix and match to create your own unique style. Nasos is a teacher and creator of courses on how to learn on your own. To help gather inspiration for bringing your website and portfolio to life, the following list created by our team behind Slider Revolution contains 36 fantastic web developer portfolio examples. The image quickly engages the viewer and follows the rest of the site. Kistner’s portfolio clearly showcases the influence of Apple, featuring a clean, visual design with rounded corners, soft shadows, and floating devices. Rafael Caferati is a full-stack web developer, as well as a UI/UX JavaScript specialist. What it’s about: Patrick’s portfolio is a great example of a one-page, long-scroll website. In addition, his site uses a handful of fun fonts and geometric overlays. Visitors to Belgium-based Dries Van Broek’s website are greeted by a number of great examples of his work, which appear as soon as the page loads. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Here is one of the best student portfolio examples showcasing the power of simplicity. Another prize for one of the best personal portfolio examples goes to UX/UI designer Edna Cerrillos. His resume, which is showcased, uses a scrollbar that prevents users from having to navigate through various pages while learning about his work and personal journey. Featuring the designer’s logo as one of the central attractions, the design immediately brings it to the focus of the viewer. Instead, you’d want to use samples that demonstrate your political expertise, interviewing prowess and objective approach. A portfolio is a great place to show your abilities in action, especially in web-based industries like design and development. Oxdragon is a fine example of a template-based web developers’ profile. However, the site itself is clear and straightforward, using simple icons and images. (2019). Albino Tonnina’s front-end portfolio handles complicated developmental skills. It has all the key factors and features that make a portfolio successful, as well as its own unique style. His website is well-structured and inviting. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Biological Science Computer Science English Creative Writing History Math/Statistics Physical Sciences Psychology Psychology* Business. The concept of development portfolios is very divergent. This writer incorporates storytelling, and it’s not just stories about her job interviews but about the discoveries she makes afterward. you can make a site for free or pay for hosting, and you also get: that will help keep your design solid and consistent; that will look good on any type of device; And, it’s backed up by a professional human webmaster who can make sure that you did a good job on your, As you can see, making a digital portfolio isn’t hard, just take a minimalist approach and make it fun. Maxime Bonhomme is a London-based front-end developer, specializing in using interfaces such as Atomic Architecture, React, and Canvas to create interactive experiences for his portfolio’s viewers. If you are having a hard time in making this document, you can refer to the samples available in this post so you can have more idea on how to create a professional career portfolio with ease. Taha Khan’s website is concise, as there’s not much info aside from his bio, resume, and a few samples of work. Others use a minimalist approach, choosing to use multiple links and texts, while others focus on their general skillsets and languages. growth marketer who invites us to her website with kind words and positivity. It’s easy for viewers to learn about him, see what he does, find examples of his work, and to contact him directly. To close out this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite portfolio sites. Join over 15.000 others on the Slider Revolution email list to get access to the latest news and exclusive content. For example, if you’re seeking opportunities to cover politics, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to fill your portfolio with soft, feature pieces, even if they’re great writing. To inspire you, we've picked some of the best design portfolios on the web, from both freelance designers and studios. This company harnesses the power of a well-designed web page. On top of the clean and neat background, the large portfolio items follow a pattern: two vertical portfolio items in two columns (one next to another), followed below by a horizontal image (landscape style). The site also features a social icon list, making it easy for viewers to connect with and follow the webmaster’s social media accounts. It’s not common to see links to portfolio samples on images, but it is certainly a nice touch. He combines this typography style with an effect called “strikethrough chic”. Do you build a holistic inner company culture? View examples of Career Portfolios by College, including excerpts from Career Portfolio contest winners' Career Portfolios. With Weblium DIY you can make a site for free or pay for hosting, and you also get: And, it’s backed up by a professional human webmaster who can make sure that you did a good job on your personal website. I’ll definitely add this to my bookmarks. Become a qualified UX designer in 5-10 months—complete with a … His aim is creating fashioned, beautiful and luxury websites. He also uses banded gradients that give the look of a gentle lighting. Packaged portfolio management tools also help organization manage the assets in the IT portfolio. This particular website contains little info about the person, but the expressive photos create an indelible impression about his talent and skills. You can do it yourself in the Weblium Editor and create a modern, effective, and responsive digital portfolio. It’s a fun form of a resume that would definitely help with the job search. Aja’s website takes us back to one of the most important features of a good content marketer portfolio and that is easy navigation. This is the portfolio for inspiration and for startups. The self hosted website It is crucial to share photos under your own brand name. While these are great options, they’re better suited for directing traffic to your website. IT portfolio management is the process of supervising and maintaining the entire pool of IT resources across an enterprise in terms of their investment and financial viability. He prides himself on staying organized, being independent, and solving problems. And you can do it yourself with the tools that the Internet has to offer, such as website builders. Your email address will not be published. For a photographer, a portfolio is an essential tool. Be sure to save all your work, but don’t feel the need to feature all of them in your developer profile. But what should it look like? Graphic Design Portfolio Examples If you want to build your own graphic design website, you are free to make it as creative as you feel necessary without going over the top. Moreover, you don’t even need a huge budget to create an. Below are links to ePortfolios from Auburn students and alumni. It’s not common to see links to portfolio samples on images, but it is certainly a nice touch. and illustrator knows that minimalism doesn’t have to be all monochromatic — deep, bright colors work well, too. As organization’s implement a portfolio management process, portfolio managers are encouraged to review this model to ensure the primary processes are supported with support processes and include both organizational context and IT architectures. Aja’s website takes us back to one of the most important features of a good. Josh’s portfolio is a great example of a project focused portfolio. However, doing so will ensure that you can customize how your site’s browsing experience will look to your users. He has won various awards for his work, which are showcased here. Some of his works were successfully filmed. Naturally, you want your portfolio to look it’s best and for it to work flawlessly, without any glitches or lagging. Describing himself as a highly-creative, front-end developer and designer, Mees Verberne makes use of glitching, to give the site some extra character. Thinker. On his portfolio site, Drew Rawitz links all of his showcase items to his GitHub, as well as offering a direct link to his profile. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Many beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs are postponing their goals because they think ordering a site from a web studio is the only option. The website of web developer Raf Derolez is modern and informative. Since web designer portfolios are more than simple collections of work samples, there are a few things that need to be considered when you’re constructing your website. Here’s another example of how the lack of color is a. since it doesn’t distract you from the main figure behind the website. And so it goes until you reach the bottom of the page. Here, you can also find what kind of employment she is looking for so that brands and recruiters know what to expect. The portfolio uses a simple and subtle design. What really showcases his wit, is his resume. They claim to be one of the best in their niche and they prove it with the examples of their previous projects. Tip: If you are a wannabe designer, but you don’t yet have any job experience, you can fill the portfolio with the works you have done in class. ePortfolio Examples Welcome to the Auburn University ePortfolio Examples page. And you can do it yourself with the tools that the Internet has to offer, such as. Your email address will not be published. Tonnina also offers an option that allows viewers to see his resume, which is located at the entry-point of his site. It’s sort of an online business card or CV that will help you find partnerships, show off your work, and even land your first job. Specializing in SVG, HTML5, and JavaScript, Prashant Sani is a front-end developer based in India. His work is … He uses hashtags and made-up words to describe his work, and you can’t help but crack up at the humor. When it comes to putting together your portfolio, you’ve got a number of options. Let’s take a look at how some other awesome people are doing it. His online portfolio has many unique touches and features, such as the hamburger-style menu that transforms into a back button when clicked. The website is the brand showcase and photo display of the company’s main workspace and does a fantastic job of promoting its identity and reputation. What You Should Do Now. Here you will find a variety of ePortfolios that include thoughtful reflections and relevant artifacts that showcase … Anna, a graphic designer, and illustrator knows that minimalism doesn’t have to be all monochromatic — deep, bright colors work well, too. You could use Twitter, Dribble, dev.to, and GitHub to name a few of the more useful. As soon as you enter Jon’s portfolio website, you can learn who and what he is straight away. It uses good spacing and a clean and appealing color scheme. Introducing who and what you right away is one way of doing that, like in this example, Charlie is a “Designer. Because the primary purpose of a company portfolio is basically to try and win you, new clients, you want it to be not only thorough but also to highlight the best sides of your business. But what we see today is a good achievement and example of catchy and professional design. You no doubt realize that every developer has a unique style, established by spending countless hours creating their sites. Best Architecture Portfolio Examples, Covers, Designs Sebastian Comanescu This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Portfolio: bepatrickdavid.com. Here’s another example of how the lack of color is a good idea since it doesn’t distract you from the main figure behind the website. Emily Ridge is an Irish web-designer and developer, experienced in developing and designing custom WordPress sites for clients in all niches. (2019). Assemble is a free online portfolio websites, a place can make your awesome portfolio projects very well displayed. John Green is a new star of a writer’s community. It features the courses as well as a series of podcasts Nasos hosts with different professionals. BEST WEBSITES EXAMPLES OF PORTFOLIO DESIGNS Read more. This marketing portfolio example from Adapting Social displays work from a wide range of services. His portfolio features a number of animated loading icons that he personally developed. He uses a stylish and clean black background with a concise and direct introduction conveniently located on the loading page. The portfolio is straightforward, clean, with good priorities. Yet, it looks cozy and inviting, like the opening phrase “Let’s Tell Your Story”. Edwin De Jongh‘s portfolio seamlessly balances his design with top-tier functionality by adding various navigational elements. Tastefully Tash is a website of an adventure child and dark chocolate enthusiast, as she calls herself. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. See more ideas about portfolio examples, fashion institute, fitness fashion. Lounge Lizard’s website effortlessly looks both unconventional and professional. The site showcases open source projects, which is ideal for keeping client-related items off the profile, however it doesn’t allow for the representation of complex client projects. Additionally, it has a testimonials section which is a valuable tool for advertising your services. Company Portfolio Example. This list of hand-picked web developer portfolios was compiled to inspire and ignite your creativity. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. But when you are just starting out and want to get your name out there or test an idea, a simple website is enough. 2684 results for ' Portfolio websites ' A portfolio website can cover a lot of bases. Desiree Adaway has concentrated on the same questions and found not only personal culture but even became familiar with the process of building the culture from scratch. The portfolio for Fabian Irsara is a one-page feature that uses appealing typography and an intriguing color palette. Riccardo Zanutta is a webpage developer who deals with front-end work. But when you are just starting out and want to get your name out there or test an idea, a simple website is enough. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Man Parvesh’s portfolio site uses a large background image that sets the tone, as well as large, bold typography for instantly recognizable intent. There are various distinct sections and many links to follow, to help users easily access the content. For that, you need just the essentials: And don’t forget that personal portfolio websites should be mobile responsive. Plus, we’ve added a list of best practices to take into account when creating your own UX design portfolio: 01. portfolio and that is easy navigation. Some developers find web-based portfolios to be redundant, mostly because today there are a number of quicker, easier ways to share your work and gain the desired recognition. What’s interesting about her portfolio is the section where she hints on her next project which spikes interest and boosts chances to land a partnership or another project. If you want to galvanize your career in web development, you might consider using Slider Revolution, a page and slider builder that helps users tell their stories and deliver ideas in a visual manner. The intro is kept short, instead, he uses an About me to list the personal information a recruiter might be interested in. A good portfolio website will help highlight your best features even if you have minimal experience. Or you are asking questions to yourself to find the outstanding features of your business? With a digital portfolio, it’s important to show your personality since it is just you behind the site and not a whole company of people. A good clean website is part of the deal but you really ought to think creatively when bringing something out. Check out her YouTube channel, Instagram account and get in touch easily by subscribing and joining the crew. Can the webpage load successfully on mobile devices. The site has a good visual hierarchy and guides the eye around the page with ease. As you can see, making a digital portfolio isn’t hard, just take a minimalist approach and make it fun. A few of the things that can be created using this tool include: If you enjoyed reading this article about web developer portfolio examples, you should read these as well: We're a passionate bunch of designers and developers writing about the ins and outs of web design.

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