A Low Down on the Giant River Otter. It is also one of the world’s largest otters, hitting around the six feet mark. Let’s say that again: It can grow up to six feet long. Giant Otters from the Amazon are quite dangerous and are called river wolves. We've captured some of these moments for you, so have a look and be amazed! Ferraro and Morse agree: If you should see an angry otter, seek help. Clearly, the truth is more sinister -- especially since river otters are not known as especially dangerous animals. They can be real protective of their turf, and they got lots of teeth. Every once in while you come across one that's defiant, it ain't moving ! The largest otter is the giant otter… They weigh in at 50 pounds and that is muscle and fierceness. Most are around 70-75 pounds, but many are heavier. In South Florida you need to be aware of iguanas, they don't fish and 99% of the timer they are scared and jump in the water. Otters can be very dangerous and aggressive. They are not timid and will attack humans. Due to commercial fishing they may find that some of the types of fish they live on are in very low supply. Parasites and general hygiene issues created by otters are also significant factors in why you shouldn't keep an otter as a pet. There are 13 species of otters, in seven genera, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). They are true carnivores, and have powerful jaws that can crack open clam shells with large, curved canine teeth for snagging salmon. Sea otters even have retractable claws on their front feet, which keeps them particularly sharp. Generally they will leave humans alone but even the smaller ones are quite capable and sometime rabid ones will attack humans. Exposure to disease and parasites in the water and from food sources is also a primary concern. Oh…okay. Otters are tough as nails too, and well known by zoo curators and wildlife specialists to be dangerous to handle. "To have an otter attack two people," said Morse, "there is really something wrong." They come in many sizes. The roadrunner just sinks its beak into the snake (or whatever abomination it happens to be facing), promptly lifts it high into the air and repeatedly smashes it into the ground until it is tenderized enough to swallow whole. Call the Fish and Wildlife Alert Hotline, at 888-404-3922. The pests are also susceptible to tick, flea, and lice infestations that can be transmitted to people. If an otter does attack, they have sharp teeth which can be very dangerous, especially to children. "Otters are one of the most dangerous animals I deal with in this area," he said. Otters also face problems with limited food supplies in some areas. They can also become tangled up in fishing nets and drown. The charismatic otter, a member of the weasel family, is found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. Otters Show Their Babies When They Are In Danger To Make The Enemy Feel Mercy ... Not only do they relate to other animals as being "cute" or "dangerous", but there are also many interesting facts about animals that resemble human behavior that we are not aware of. Otters are not this cute cuddly animal, they can be aggressive and dangerous. Size. Although they may look adorable, otters can be dangerous around humans, pets, and children. "People think of them as these adorable animals they see swimming around and playing with each other at … Like most wild animals, they are known to attack if threatened. To start with, the giant otter definitely lives up to its name.