Peanut butter brands that contain xylitol include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods. Low moisture levels and high oil content keep this butter from going bad for quite some time, but don't go ignoring that expiration date just yet. Xylitol is technically an "all natural" sweetener! P28 Peanut Butter Contains Xylitol. This list of 700+ products made with xylitol is not 100% comprehensive but it's the best we've found online. We can confirm that Xylitol is not an ingredient in any of our Jif® peanut butter products. Yes - it is very possible and even likely in your case for peanut butter to cause diarrhea. Which peanut butter brands contain xylitol? I wanted gum that just contains xylitol and is all natural. Well, so far, only some peanut butter brands currently contain xylitol. Peanut butter can go rancid in about a year and lose its flavor. 6. Whole Earth contains palm oil and salt. Continue reading to learn how to avoid xylitol poisoning in dogs and what to do if you think your pup ate a product containing xylitol. There are lots of gum brands that contain xylitol, some of which are all-natural and contain only 100% xylitol as the sweetener while others contain xylitol and other sweeteners such as mannitol, asparatame and sucralose, like the Trident brand. We appreciate you reaching out! Sugar-free candy. It is naturally occurring in most fruits and vegetables. Some commonly used products that may contain xylitol include: Toothpaste. Health: Mayver’s Peanut butter is definitely a healthier choice than many other nut butter brands – it contains only natural ingredients and is free from any preservatives or additives, added oils, unnecessary sugars and hidden salts. Some nut butter brands have snuck in xylitol as a lighter sugar replacement. If you have a decent blender or food processor, you can easily make your own peanut and nut butter at home! If not they will eat more. Australia’s Favourite Peanut Butter is now Aussie owned by Bega. "Nicholas said he doesn’t fault manufacturers of products designed for people for not knowing about the risks of xylitol to dogs, but he wonders why they don't act when informed. It should not be considered a treat for bunnies. Does Wal-Mart brand creamy peanut butter contain xylitol? It should not be considered a treat for bunnies. Xylitol is a common artificial sugar substitute sweetener that is in hundreds of products, especially “sugar-free” products. Preventive Vet is soliciting signatures for petitions to manufacturers and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requesting labeling changes.Nicholas said he would like to see warnings on product labels and xylitol concentrations specified or at least available to the Animal Poison Control Center. The likelihood that dogs eating peanut butter is going to end anytime soon, is probably not going to happen. High Protein Peanut Butter:INGREDIENTS: DRY ROASTED PEANUTS, WHEY PROTIEN ISOLATE, PEANUT OIL, XYLITOL. It is also high in biotin and contains decent amounts of vitamin B5, iron, potassium, zinc and selenium. The ingredient can be found in items sometimes recommended for patients by veterinarians, including an antihistamine, fish oil, melatonin and vitamin B12. If you do however suspect your dog has ingested any food containing xylitol, we recommend you immediately contact your local veterinarian. For this reason, feeding your dog cheese or other dairy can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues. Our research has found that Xylitol is generally found in US peanut butter products, sold in nutrition stores and online, including; (1) Go Nuts, Co., (2) Hank's Protein Plus Peanut Butter, (3) Krush Nutrition, (4) Nuts 'N More, and (5) P28. What’s not safe is an ingredient added to some peanut butter brands (and other edible products and medications)—xylitol. Most peanut butter does not contain xylitol and is safe for dogs - which makes it a great treat for pups. Some brands of peanut butter are now adding the ingredient xylitol. Now that you know it's vegan, nothing can come between you and peanut butter heaven. Can you put a blanket in a rabbit's cage. Do Haribo gummy bears contain xylitol? Products with xylitol range from gum, toothpaste, baked goods and beyond. 2. Does Sun Pat peanut butter contain palm oil? Xylitol is a common sugar-substitute used in sugar-free chewing gum, breath mints, candies, and baked goods. In moderation, some saturated fat is okay. Just click, Dog toxicant xylitol appearing in peanut butters, VINcyclopedia of Diseases (Formerly Associate), Books & VINcyclopedia of Diseases (Formerly Associate), Once mum, gum maker to disclose xylitol content, Awareness of xylitol toxicity in dogs still lacking, How two aspiring veterinarians made a hard decision, Veterinarians doubt study linking dog walking to COVID-19, FDA: Pet diet remains 'a potential factor' in DCM cases, California veterinarians lose liability insurance option, Accidental hormone exposure in pets an ongoing problem, First veterinary school in Wales to open next fall, How one independent veterinary clinic was born, Reports of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs top 1,100. Potbelly pigs love peanut butter, and popcorn offers them fiber. If the peanut butter contains Xylitol do not give it to your dog — joanne walters (@joannew0112) July 28, 2020. Rabbits often will take a small bite of an unknown food and wait a few hours to see if it makes them sick. Half are used for peanut butter. Check out our Top 10 dog toys you can stuff with peanut butter by clicking here. Synonyms include: 1,4-anhydro-d-xylitol anhydroxylitol birch bark extract birch sugar d-xylitol xylite xylitylglucoside Zylatol. Light Click for more. Xylitol is a common sugar substitute found in many different types of sugar-free foods. Unopened, your PB2 is good for 10 to 12 months. Activia has a relatively high sugar content, which can be some cause for concern. What peanut butter brands do not contain xylitol? To date, Nicholas said, nearly half a million people have read it. The peanut flavor is true and tasty. The good news is that regular peanut butter is safe to give your dog as a treat. Reply [email protected] says: September 17, 2019 at 11:56 pm Hi Michele, Walmart (Great Value) and Kroger do NOT contain Xylitol but their regular creamy and crunchy fall under “dog warning” due to the added sugars and added oils. Once opened, please consume within 4-6 months and store in a cool, dry place. "The other ingredients will have the animal vomiting before there's any damage," Wismer said. I ...continue reading "Dog Owners Beware – New Peanut Butter Brand Contains Deadly Xylitol" We have removed that photo for the sake of clarity and would like to state that SKIPPY peanut butter does not contain xylitol or other ingredients harmful to dogs. The maker of P28 responded by adding information on the FAQ section of its website. Chewing gum. "We're running into more problems with those type of products. We have removed that photo for the sake of clarity and would like to state that SKIPPY peanut butter does not contain xylitol or other ingredients harmful to … Learn More. However, a new brand of peanut butter includes the deadly (to dogs) ingredient xylitol. No, do not feed your pet hedgehogs peanut butter as it is not part of their natural diet. I try to eat as healthful a diet as I can. Make sure your dog isn’t allergic to peanuts before feeding him half a spoon a day. To read ASPCA's findings on the effects of xylitol, click here. I have known pet iguanas that would popcorn, hotdogs, monkey biscuits, dog food, insects, cheese, eggs, pinky mice, and even peanut butter. Xylitol … This is highly toxic to dogs. Toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed, and should be rinsed after using. Kitsune loves peanut butter. We do not verify their content for accuracy. Many sugarless gums (including some Trident, Orbit, and Ice Breaker brands) and candies contain xylitol, a sweetener which is toxic to dogs. So, back to peanut butter. This ALDI version is 100 per cent peanuts – it's also vegan, with no added salt or sugar, and no preservatives. However, xylitol can be harmful to your canine pals (dogs) and should be kept away so they cannot consume it. I'd say around 1 tablespoon a day because peanut butter does contain fat. "Because the liver is involved in so many things, when it shuts down, dogs can suffer a wide array of abnormalities. About a week later, on May 28, Nicholas posted the article. We have removed that photo for the sake of clarity and would like to state that SKIPPY peanut butter does not contain xylitol or other ingredients harmful to dogs. Xylitol is a common sugar-substitute used in sugar-free chewing gum, breath mints, candies, and baked goods. Wismer said a 10-pound dog drinking the entire seven-ounce bottle of ATOP would not consume enough xylitol to cause illness.In ingestion cases where xylitol concentrations are high enough to be harmful, treatment for its most severe effects may be extensive and expensive. Jif produces a special omega-3 peanut butter by fortifying it with anchovy and sardine oil. Would you like to change your VIN email? For this reason, feeding your dog cheese or other dairy can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues. VIN News Service commentaries are opinion pieces presenting insights, personal experiences and/or perspectives on topical issues by members of the veterinary community. No Added Click for more. Peanut butter can lead to serious digestive problems because it contains a high level of fat that cannot be digested by a rabbit. Each rabbit should only receive hay, grass, herbs and fresh fruits to stay healthy. While PB2 isn't exactly like peanut butter, it is plenty close for me. Does Whole Earth peanut butter contain xylitol? Though this is good news for our peanut butter-loving dogs it is “bad” news for doggy parents because xylitol is a sugar substitute that is increasing in popularity. Luckily, I can't find any brands of peanut butter that have xylitol added in Australia. Wismer contacted manufacturers of the xylitol-containing peanut butters in early August hoping to learn the xylitol concentrations in each. So, what does this mean in peanut butter terms? 60% of the peanuts in the US are grown in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Some health food companies have begun to add the artificial sweetener Xylitol to their Peanut butters. Do not feed anything which contains Xylitol to your dog or it might injure or even worse kill it. So, Simply Jif is xylitol free as well? The brand names of peanut butter reported to contain xylitol include: Go Nuts, Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter, Krush Nutrition, Nuts ‘n More, and P28. You may recognise it as the low calorie sweetener used in chewing gum, but it's also used in lollies, human medications, baked goods and now has now been reported in some peanut butters in America. Trident gum contains the sugar alcohol xylitol, which is known as a "tooth-friendly" sugar. 8. @riace12. Does Kraft peanut butter have xylitol in it? In fact, peanut butter is given to pets so often, one of the most frequent online searches is “are peanuts safe for dogs?” Peanuts — and peanut butter — are safe for dogs. Peanut Butter Expiration Date (Unopened)PantryRefrigeratorPast Printed DatePast Printed DateSmooth Peanut Butter lasts for1 Year1 YearCrunchy Peanut Butter lasts for1 Year1 YearNatural Peanut Butter lasts for2-3 Months3-6 Months5 autres lignes • 21 avr. High in Healthy Fats. Past this date, if it's unopened it's still perfectly good. None of the Colgate Total toothpastes contain alcohol. Healthy Fats for Heart Health. "Liver failure is a horrific thing for a dog to have to suffer through," Nicholas said, noting that the liver serves multiple functions. In general, peanut butter is a very healthy and nutritive snack: for humans and for dogs, too. Symptoms of xylitol poisoning in dogs include vomiting, muscle weakness, difficulty walking and tremors - and they usually begin within 15-30 minutes of consumption. Nicholas has contacted the other brands' manufacturers, as well. However, some peanut butters are healthier than others. It is used in such things as candy and gum to create sugar-free products. Colgate Total Toothpaste is sold as a teeth cleaning product from the Colgate Palmolive Company. Some brands that we know contain Xylitol are: “Go Nuts”, “Hanks Protein Plus Peanut Butter”, “Krush Nutrition”, Nuts'n More”, and “P28”. Human beings have just one route for their noses, but dogs have more! RECIPE: Peanut butter and Amarula mousse tart Peanut butter is the kind of food topic that South Africans feel very strongly about. "Pet owners spend money. Is almond butter healthier than peanut butter? Which brand of peanut butter contains xylitol? "Nicholas said he plans to again approach the other companies. I give it to him once in awhile as a kong stuffer, and one of his favorite treats are my homemade peanut butter cookies. Xylitol is perfectly safe for humans to eat, but it is very toxic to dogs, even in very low amounts. It includes all kinds of nuts, as well as peanut and other nut butters. Which brands of peanut butter contain xylitol? It went viral. “You have to chew to release xylitol,” Wismer said, noting that dogs tend to swallow gum whole without chewing. " he asked. Or jelly. 100% NATURAL GOODNESS. Make sure your dog isn’t … Peanut butter that doesn’t contain xylitol is absolutely safe for dogs and a healthy treat—just be sure to read the label! How long does Meridian peanut butter last? Clinicians are reminded that you are ultimately responsible for the care of your patients. Many dogs love to snack on peanut butter, which is normally okay if it’s all-natural and given in small amounts. The different types of regular Jif peanut butter contain 16 grams of total fat in a 2-tablespoon serving. That said, they are still not exactly a healthy snack for dogs. The use in some peanut butters of xylitol, a sugar substitute toxic to dogs, causes concern among veterinarians and other dog lovers. Gum is different. Ingredients to Avoid. How long can a dog live with Cushing's disease with treatment? Well, even though I make my own peanut butter I found the info interesting and helpful. No HFCS. Can you get pet insurance for older dogs? Xylitol, the artificial sweetener in some candies, chewing gum, etc, is present in most gummy bears. No Cow (previously called D's Naturals). In most cases, peanut butter is safe to feed dogs in moderation. It is safe for people, but toxic to dogs. Add the popcorn to the peanut butter and stir them together for a sticky, yummy homemade treat your pig should love. We certify that all Colgate Total toothpaste do not contain gluten. Five brands that do contain it are: Go Nuts, Co.; Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter; Krush Nutrition; Nuts ‘N More; and P28. No portion of any VIN content may be copied or distributed without the expressed written permission of VIN. Peanut butter can lead to serious digestive problems because it contains a high level of fat that cannot be digested by a rabbit. Does peanut butter make dogs have diarrhea? Other than water and flavoring, the product has 13 different ingredients that make up the formula. Yorkies can benefit from the butter in many ways. Please enter a valid Email address! We didn’t think it was possible, but the passion for one kind of peanut butter over another is maybe even stronger than the divide over Marmite versus Bovril. Blackstrap molasses contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals and is the least sweet of the varieties. Both nut butters are roughly equal in calories and sugar, but peanut butter has a little more protein than almond butter. We have removed that photo for the sake of clarity and would like to state that SKIPPY peanut butter does not contain xylitol or other ingredients harmful to dogs. Studies of wild iguanas have demonstrated that they eat leaves, fruit, flowers of selected herbs, shrubs, trees and vines. Sugar Alcohols (Mannitol, Sorbitol, Xylitol) are low-calorie sweeteners derived from plant fibers. Friendly Reminder to Our Colleagues: TEST TEST Use of VIN content is limited to personal reference by VIN members. We love Dog For Dog's DogButter. Nuts 'N More. The liver is too vital an organ to be without. Do check the label and check that the peanut butter does not contain xylitol which is toxic for dogs. Currently, three peanut butter brands contain xylitol: Nuts 'n More ; Krush Nutrition ; P-28 Foods; Be sure to read the nutritional ingredients. I like to use canned pumpkin on constipated dogs. The piece has been shared on Facebook 177,000 times and Tweeted more than 1,200 times. They all contain similar amounts of calories and fat. 2015. It can be a good source of protein and healthy fat for your dog — in moderation, of course. Xylitol is even in a dog shampoo designed to reduce itching, redness and skin dryness. Jellies and jams. 75% of homes in the US have a peanut butter jar. The highest levels were found in peanut butter ground fresh in health food stores. Any brand of peanut butter that contains xylitol in the ingredients listing, either alongside of sugar or instead of it, should never be given to dogs. Give your dog 2-3 tablespoons with their meals tomorrow, and by Saturday, things should be moving along just as they're supposed to. Suggestions, discussions and interpretation related to posted images are only that -- suggestions and recommendations which may be based upon less than diagnostic quality information. Kraft Peanut Butter is safe for your dog and does not contain Xylitol, a sweetener potentially deadly to dogs. The concern here, is that many pet owners use peanut butter as a reward in kongs, or baked peanut butter biscuits etc for their pets, and may inadvertently poison them. What peanut butter brands contain xylitol? A few tablespoons of yogurt is okay to share unless there's xylitol or other unnatural artificial sweeteners! Jif peanut butter is safe for your dog and does not contain Xylitol. This is alarming because many people use peanut butter to fill Kongs or to make dog treats. Xylitol is deadly for dogs. "OTC melatonin and kids' gummy vitamins, those have really high amounts of xylitol in them," she said. In fact a tub of Mints went straight in the bin after reading this thread. While this is great for health conscience humans, it can be harmful to dogs. Sugar gives cancer a fuel source. If you find a product with xylitol on the ingredient label, … Peanut butter is high in fat which can actually cause a nasty case of pancreatitis in your dog if you feed too much of it. Xylitol sometimes appears under other names. Letters may be edited for style. Opened, peanut butter will slowly develop off-flavors of rancid nuts over the next five or so years before it'll taste so bad not even the most peanut butter-obsessed child will go near it. It’s available in Creamy, Crunchy, or Creamy with Texas Wildflower Honey varieties, and is the only peanut butter made from real Texas peanuts. Most peanut butter does not contain xylitol and is safe for dogs - … 2. In contrast, unsaturated fats, which make up the majority of the fat content in peanut butter, help reduce LDL cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help reduce the risk of heart disease. So far, the maker of only one brand — Hank's Protein Plus — has responded, Wismer told the VIN News Service.Nicholas, a general practitioner in Oregon, reached out to the company behind Nuts ‘n More after its owners appeared on the reality television show “Shark Tank,” successfully persuading a pair of investors to invest in their products.In an email to the company, Nicholas offered congratulations on its growth and products, which are promoted as more healthful for people, owing to fortified protein content and Omega-3 fats. Colgate Total toothpastes do not contain ingredients derived from animals. Xylitol is Extremely Toxic. Brands of Peanut Butter That Contain Xylitol and Are Not Safe for Dogs. Nicholas, who founded Preventive Vet in 2011, worries that xylitol is creeping into more products that people give to or use on their dogs. Peanut Butter, many dogs LOVE it for the nutty sweet taste and dog owners for it inexpensiveness and easiness to fill Kongs and other stuffable dog toys. As for the dangers posed to dogs of eating already-chewed gum, Wismer said the more thoroughly a piece of gum has been chewed, the less sweetener it will contain. In fact, Mayver’s contains half the amount of salt compared to some other peanut … Oops! Original Click for more. 7. Peanut butter is a safe people food (in moderation) for positive reinforcement with the greyhounds. P. & G. named its product Jif, used oils other than peanut oil in its hydrogenation process, and sweetened the recipe, adding sugar and molasses. Does Jif peanut butter have xylitol in it? Read the Activia label before feeding your dog a portion. Peanut butter. Although it isn’t dangerous to people, cats, and ferrets, it is toxic to dogs. Meridian peanut butter is slightly higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than Sunpat and Whole Earth. Liver failure can lead to a build-up of abdominal fluid. 1. Does peanut butter give puppies diarrhea? Then he wrote:“While this is a great addition for the people your butters are intended for, many of those same people also likely have dogs and many will frequently give their dogs peanut butter as a treat or to help administer medications. Made in Port Melbourne with the same ‘Never Oily, Never Dry’ recipe you’ve always loved. 1. The information helps Animal Poison Control Center staff to assess the severity of cases of xylitol ingestion. It has no ill effects for humans and contains about a third less calories than standard 'table' sugar. Our world famous Peanut Butters are made right here in Australia from nothing but roasted Peanuts and a pinch of sea salt! But, the hair-raising headline that peanut butter can kill your dog has gone viral on the Internet and social media. Does peanut butter stop diarrhea in dogs? Most common brands do not YET contain the ingredient but it is best to check the peanut butter tubs for any signs of xylitol. 4. Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. After that, it's recommended to store the peanut butter in the fridge (where it can maintain its quality for another 3-4 months). Peanut butter is a good source of protein. Peanut butter. If Xylitol is consumed by a dog, it can cause a quick drop in their blood sugar level, diarrhea, seizures, and sometimes even death. Brands of peanut butter that contain xylitol Final Thought on Peanut Butter Safety for Dogs . It can cause seizures. Dogs with a risk of high cholesterol level might also be fed with peanut butter as it is very nutritive, but you need a small amount of it to make a dog ready to play. What brand of peanut butter has xylitol in it? Generally speaking, any peanut butter that doesn't contain xylitol (or chocolate) should be fine for a dog. The passage reads: "Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol, and is safe for human consumption. Xylitol, a sweetener used in many foods, including peanut butter, yogurt, toothpaste and chewing gum, is safe for humans but potentially deadly for dogs. Peanut butter brands that contain xylitol include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods. Bulk xylitol can be purchased for cooking at home. Despite their high calorie content, eating moderate amounts of pure peanut butter or whole peanuts is perfectly fine on a weight-loss diet (11). Once in a blue moon, you may find a kind that contains honey, but nearly all peanut butter is 100 percent vegan. "How can you not be like, 'What can we do within reason to change?' They are sweetened with Xylitol and I don't want to risk one falling on the floor and getting eaten by Ronin. Finally, it has dental plaque fighting properties and also found (in non-toxic amounts) in pet mouth wash and oral rinses. Dr. Tina Wismer at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center recommends being on the lookout for any ingredient that includes the letters "xyl." The ingredient causing the problem is Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in lower or sugar-free products. Why would you not want to curry favor with the pet-owning public?". Normally this practice is quite safe, but since xylitol is highly toxic to dogs, it would prove dangerous if the peanut butter they give is yours.”Nicholas told the company he was preparing an article to alert dog owners to the dangers of xylitol in nut butters, and asked, “Would you be willing to commit to adding a conspicuous warning to your labels and to your website …?” He offered, “I’d love to write the article as a piece also highlighting your team for excellent corporate responsibility and social goodwill towards pet owners.”He received no answer. And xylitol is very dangerous – even deadly – to dogs. Does peanut butter cause diarrhea in dogs? Fruit drinks. Almond butter is slightly healthier than peanut butter because it has more vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Does Skippy peanut butter contain xylitol? Wismer likewise has witnessed the spread of xylitol. It is present in most sugar free candies, and it can cause horrible gastrointestinal distress in humans too! For a quick answer, both nut butters do have similar nutritional value. Any content that concerns treatment of your cases should be deemed recommendations by colleagues for you to consider in your case management decisions. Jif is an American brand of peanut butter made by The J.M. Generally speaking, any peanut butter that doesn't contain xylitol (or chocolate) should be fine for a dog. Here’s a sampling: Abilify orally disintegrating tablets (antidepressant). What brands of peanut butter have xylitol? It can be found in some brands of peanut butter. They will eat lots of thingshard bread, oats, peanut butter, but it's not actually rabbit food and it will mess up their delicate systems. Here's a run-down. Dogs have a more difficult time digesting fat. 3. Currently no major brand is affected, but this highlights the need to be vigilant in checking the ingredients on the products we use. The original Creamy and Crunchy style Jif peanut butters both debuted in 1958. In addition to gum base and sweeteners, Wrigley's Extra Gum also contains softeners and bulking agents. Help us sniff out more products and keep this list up-to-date. In Chapter 14 of The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dr. Dressler covers the way sugar affects your dog's cancer. Do not feed anything which contains Xylitol to your dog or any animal for that matters or it might kill it. Mayver’s world-famous Natural Smooth Peanut Butter is made in Australia from nothing but roasted peanuts and a pinch of sea salt. These include ingredients such as maltitol, soribitol, xylitol and glycerin. Some foods aren't good for pigs' diets. Only at H E B. Yee haw! Just make sure that your pup’s favorite Kong stuffer doesn’t contain … Preventive Vet maintains a list. So, while a peanut butter scent might mask drug smells for us, dogs are able to smell each particular scent and separate them. Some may not prefer the chocolate flavor, but that's as much personal taste as anything else. I know that it's full of calories and sugar, so I no longer stuff a Kong with peanut butter, but I do use it as an ingredient in dog treats. Cocoa butter contains a high proportion of saturated fats as well as monounsaturated oleic acid, which typically occurs in each triglyceride. They can bleed anywhere — eyes, brain, lungs — and if they bleed into their lungs, they suffocate. Peanuts may easily become moldy after being stored in warm, humid silos, with a toxic mold called Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus. You should always check the ingredients list on the packaging for yourself first, but it has been reported that Haribo gummies do not contain xylitol. Even better frozen in the hot summer months! But, peanut butter is generally not recommended for dogs with cancer because of the high amounts of sugar it contains– even though the sugar is natural. You don’t have to be a dog owner to know that chocolate is bad for dogs – you may also know to avoid things like coffee, grapes, and onions. It isn't found in all peanut butter brands, but in a lot of them. Summary Although peanut butter is high in many healthy vitamins and minerals, it also contains a substantial amount of calories. To make things worse, I recently learned that xylitol is being included in some specialty brands of peanut butter. Images posted by VIN community members and displayed via VIN should not be considered of diagnostic quality and the ultimate interpretation of the images lies with the attending clinician. Xylitol is fine for people, but it’s extremely poisonous to dogs and unfortunately poisons thousands of dogs each year. This is because dogs do not possess large amounts of lactase, which helps break down dairy. When selecting a peanut butter or peanut-flavored spread, keep these xylitol-containing brands far away from your dog: Answer: Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a regular sugar alternative. This mold produces a very toxic substance called aflatoxin that can cause cancer. Like all our other natural Peanut Butters, it contains absolutely no added oil, sugar, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats. Does Skippy peanut butter have xylitol in it? Answer: Yes, but there are better options. Brands of Peanut Butter That Contain Xylitol and Are Not Safe for Dogs Go Nuts, Co. Krush Nutrition. But it's still very unlikely to make you sick. Click the tabs to reveal products in each category. Peanut butter brands that contain xylitol include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods. There are still four known peanut/nut butter brands that contain xylitol (down from five brands) and more may spring up — so please read labels carefully. We can confirm that Xylitol is not an ingredient in any of our Jif® peanut butter products. Our peanut butter of choice is Jif, which we buy at Costco and doesn't (at the time of publishing this post) contain xylitol. Use of the chemical has been subject to controversy, as it is highly toxic to dogs. All that’s changed is the name! Most peanut butter is a simple mixture of ground peanuts and salt. Like humans, though, some dogs are allergic to peanut butter, and you should take your pet to a veterinarian if you see signs of this including irritated skin, hair loss, or ear infections. It sometimes appears in non-food products such as shampoos and lotions, although usually in minute concentrations that, if accidentally ingested by a dog, should not be problematic. To better understand the origins and logic behind these policies, and to discuss them with your colleagues, click here. Peanut Butter: This is a very popular treat for dogs, and in most cases will not be dangerous for your pet. A quick glance at the labels shows that Sunpat has added sugar, salt and a stabiliser. Peanut Butter & Nut Butters. Information and opinions expressed in letters to the editor are those of the author and are independent of the VIN News Service. However, some brands of peanut butter that currently do not contain xylitol include Whole Earth, Meridian, Sun Pat, and Skippy. Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter as long as it is fed in moderation and does not contain xylitol, so get out that peanut butter jar and share the good news. Great for PB&Js, spreading on celery, or even by the spoonful—you’d be a nutter not to love this butter! If you're like me, then peanut butter is a yummy treat in your home. If you don't refrigerate, oil separation can occur. Generally unopened peanut butter has a shelf life of 9-12 months before it starts to turn rancid. The quality of the product is very good. Unlike most other foods, there is a legal definition of “peanut butter.” To use the name, a product must contain 90 percent peanuts. The good news: peanuts are not considered toxic to dogs. But did you know that these common household items contain this chemical? You can even find a homemade peanut butter recipe, here! "Natural sweetener" may be a clue that the peanut butter is sweetened with xylitol, which can be labeled as "sugar alcohol,” its chemical classification. To submit a commentary for consideration, email Sugar free breath mints. Dosages should be confirmed prior to dispensing medications unfamiliar to you. states: Ingestion of as little as 0.1 gram (g) of xylitol per kilogram (kg) of body weight (0.1 g/kg) can cause a rapid and dangerous drop in a dog’s blood sugar (a condition called “hypoglycemia”). If ingested, it can cause seizures, liver failure and death, warned one animal hospital, which called xylitol "extremely toxic" to dogs. 3. 5. It is also found in some smoking-cessation products like nicotine gum. As you can imagine, it is a popular sweetener used in many human food products, especially sugar free foods, sweets and cakes. Manufacturers asked to warn of sweetener's risk to pets, Xylitol by any other name is still toxic to dogs. Peanut butter brands that contain xylitol include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods. Dermoscent's ATOP 7® Shampoo contains concentrations between 0.05 to 0.1 percent — a negligible amount. Cocoa butter, unlike non-fat cocoa solids, contains only traces of caffeine and theobromine. – Make sure to only give your dog unsweetened tums. Peanut butter brands that contain xylitol include Go Nuts, Co., Krush Nutrition, Nuts 'N More and P28 Foods. Molasses is a thick syrup by-product from the processing of the sugarcane or sugar beet. Since peanut butter is very high in fat, a 100-gram portion contains a hefty dose of 588 calories. Does Meridian peanut butter contain xylitol? Dog lovers should check for xylitol in the ingredients of virtually all products brought into the home. An open jar of peanut butter stays fresh up to three months in the pantry. Yes, dogs can eat peanut butter as long as it is fed in moderation and does not contain xylitol, so get out that peanut butter jar and share the good news. However, it's important to understand that while peanuts are safe to use in dog cookies and other treats, they are high in fat. Sweetened tums contain ingredients and chemicals which are deadly to dogs (such as Xylitol), so make sure to only choose tums which haven't had sweeteners added to them. P28. More information about the US brands and the effects of Xylitol on your dog can be found on Preventive Vet. A high concentration of fat can cause an upset stomach, including diarrhea and vomiting. For years we've used peanut butter as a training tool with greyhound fosters and our adopted greyhounds. Peanut butter is gooey and delicious, yet it can remain at room temperature for months without spoiling. Mouthwash. "Beyond its use as a sweetner, xylitol acts as a humectant, meaning it retains or preserves moisture. How do you tell if a dog's leg is sprained or broken? As this recipe only contains one egg, the biscuits won’t rise much, so assume that the thickness of the cookie dough cut will be the same as the thickness of the biscuits. But there are a number of things that can poison your dog you may not be aware of – xylitol is one of them. It can be a good source of protein and healthy fat for your dog — in moderation, of course. Blood-clotting problems, decreased protein production, and the ability to detoxify blood, along with a host of other systems, are all affected. Others might also contain oil or added sugar. 7. Most of the peanut butter products on the shelves contain at least 85% peanuts, but Bega Light products check in at just 62%. Xylitol is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid. The glycerin used in our Colgate Total toothpastes comes from synthetic products or vegetables.