; DO choose a runner rug that’s appropriate for stairs. And I love that new rug at your front door peeking out in some of the pictures!!! I d, The Nest got some lights ✨✨Do you think it’s, THIS runner from Annie Selke from her Dash and Albert, DIY Christmas Ornament or Gift Tag made with Clay, Shiplap Fireplace and DIY Mantle (Ditched the Old Traditional), Easiest Way to Make Candles- Non Toxic and Natural. Take the top step of carpet off and see what is under it and if it is worth worrying about! Repeat steps 1 -4 until installation is complete. We want to r, This is a dream to have our own wallpaper collecti, Do you decorate your kids rooms for Christmas? Your email address will not be published. A- No and yes. You all helped me pick it! They generally consist of a bracket on each end that holds a rod in place. Adding a stair carpet runner can make plain, carpeted steps look attractive and stylish. (picture below). Join my newsletter subscription and get a chance to get your design question answered LIVE or on the blog! He would run that tool all across after each step was done over the staples and hit some in if they were noticeable. Now, about 2 1/2 years later we decided the stair runner needed to be replaced. 3 comments. Make sure the tread lays flush and level against the riser. Do not do horizontal strips on stairs! Attach Two Tread Sections. In an hour we had a new stair runner! When doing so avoid damaging the surface. This is the formula for measuring your stairs- Measure the rise and the run of your stairs multiplied by the number of stairs total. If you need more than one runner, add an additional 12 inches to the total to account for seams where the two carpet pieces will join. Of course, you will have to strip down the existing carpet first, and fix the hardwood underneath it. We have 11 steps and I ordered- (with calculating the extra two feet)  I ordered one- 2.5 x 8′ and one- 2.5″x 12′. He stapled the rug pad FIRST on every step before applying the actual stair runner. I design around things that have a story and mix in funky trendy pieces. Contact me about working together Runner installers charge about $318 to lay a 26-inch wide carpet across 13 steps of a straight stairway. Carpet stair runners are used to protect hardwood flooring stairs. Runners help reduce the noise caused by stair traffic. How to Install a Stair Runner Without Damaging the Floor Step 1. Stair Runner installation without damaging hardwood? I love this runner. Grab a sharp utility knife and a measuring tape and get to work. The finish on wood stairs would be damaged far more by people and dogs walking … Hard surface stairs. I love the black and white, classic. But not so fast. Wooden Stairs Cost. We did THIS runner from Annie Selke from her Dash and Albert line in a vertical stripe. Friday Favorites starts with Most asked Questions Lately. I could get close and find it. Then you can go from there. The “Waterfall” method involves bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser to meet the next tread. I have always loved Nesting. Order 2 feet EXTRA of the runner! It looks like your staircase is pine, not hardwood or finish grade and meant to be fully carpeted. My younger sister moved into the cutest new home, I remember when I finished our kitchen remodel I w, Clark got the lights up! Hardwood stairs average $100 to $200 per step, including labor.A flight of stairs is 10 to 12 steps and would cost $1,000 to $2,400.. You can use wooden shims … In the crack between each step then also UNDER the nose of the step! YAY! Can you share? Step 3. nestingwithgrace@gmail.com. I am a Utah native, Connecticut transplant with 18 years experience at a design firm in Utah in designing, managing and as head store buyer. A- Ok I added that last question (because I know I would get asked:)) You can find it HERE! Like stunningly, perfect! But it did keep us safe, and no one slipped again, so it did it’s job. Another alternative is to carpet each stair individually where the foot lands. Project Step By Step Priming and painting the trim and railing Selected your runner (more on that and the previous bullet here) Remove the old carpet and rug pad Paint the stairwell walls and ceiling (more on that and the previous bullet here) Prim and … Within a day or two of us moving into our new home, we quickly realized we needed a Stair Runner, some protection! A- I called two different people, ALWAYS get two bids. Professional installation is more expensive but takes less time and provides a more finished appearance. Hardwood stair treads are primarily finished by hand. Place the knee kicker so it faces the wall. It really did not turn out how we expected. There are two ways to install a stair runner: waterfall and French cap. If not, any alternatives to a runner so I don't damage the floors? It took him about an hour to rip out the old runner and install the new one. If necessary, mark the reverse side of the runner with your pencil and cut the edge to … I hired someone this time and can not believe all that I learned! The best way to make your hardwood stairs less slippery is to add traction by installing carpet, anti-slip adhesive stair treads, or applying a coat of anti-slip floor finish to the surface of each stair. Install Tread. Is it possible to have a carpet runner installed on hardwood stairs without damaging them in the event that I want to remove them in the future? The rod attaches over the carpet runner, squeezing it into place when the brackets are closed. Step 2. Thank you! I would live to do this, but I’d be worried that it would leave marks from the staples/nails if we ever consider taking it off and just leaving wood again. I watched as he installed the carpet and he did staples in a couple of spots. Also he used a tool (I took a picture of) to smooth in the staples and push the runner in tight. After watching our carpet installer- he cut pieces of a carpet pad about 1/4″ thick for the tops of the steps ONLY. Sep 1, 2015 - A stair runner enhances the appearance of the stairway and adds warmth to the space. I love Kevin, Ella, Lola and Finn to get my heart rate up in any sort of group setting, eating simple and clean or just give me a sweet potato and I am happy. The trick is to do it right where the two steps meet tougher. attach two tread sections. The DOs and DON’Ts of stair runner installation: DO measure your stairs – or have your installer measure your stairs – to determine how many stair runner rugs to order. Also, stair carpet runners help protect your stairs from further wear and tear while covering up signs of existing damage. This will cause you tremendous frustration as you then try to blend in the edges next to the stair risers and the side stringers. ALL of us slipped down the stairs more than once. I shared a little video as our new stair runner was being installed on my Instagram Stories- these were the questions I received-. So I thought I would share 4 really helpful tips so you don’t make the same mistake we did when installing and selecting your stair runner. Thank you! Or if you do get them to line up straight you will have spent hours doing so! Mop hardwood or laminate steps with a dry terrycloth or microfiber mop. So in a haste I ordered a runner for our stairs as fast as I could for the cheapest I could find it (because we were bleeding money on bathroom remodels and kitchen). It looked bad and like a total DIY #fail. RIOLAND Stair Treads Carpet Non-Slip Indoor Stair Runners for Wooden Steps, Stair Rugs for Kids and Dogs, Set of 15, 8" X 30", Brown 4.4 out of 5 stars 264 $38.99 $ 38 . Stair rods install on each step's riser. That is what you need to use a runner. Just started following you (I’m a friend of AD of Most Lovely Things) and love your blog. Looks great! I originally only used a non-slip rug grip based off of the tutorials I saw. Does the runner ruin the wood floor at all? Pairing a patterned runner with plain carpeted steps or vice-versa creates a dramatic décor statement in next to no time. Once determined, tack strip and padding should be installed according to your measurements to balance the runner. I did have a lot extra and had the one end that was cut bound again so I could use it in my hall! We went and got a new staple gun and got after it! NO matter what they will not line up straight. Thanks Clarissa!! Get Install Stair Runner Without Damaging Hardwood Images. A small amount of glue at the top and base of each stair can keep it in place. © Nesting With Grace || By: The Suitcase Designs. Measure the horizontal width of the tread from end to end. Typically these are secured with staples or carpet nails into the joints where they don't show. Stair rods and holds are an excellent method of installing stair runners if you anticipate needing to remove the runner for any reason, including washing or changing the look of your stairs. Use a plate joiner on the tread edges to be … The second guy I called was a referral from a friend who just had her stair runner installed. WAYS TO LAY A STAIR RUNNER. Stair … Installing the Runner Step 1 Place the framing square at the top edge of your runner to check for square. It’s perfect!!! Added Protection. Any flat landing is obviously extra and I always recommend adding 2 feet just in case. 5. They are really hard to notice….but yes there will be small staple holes after the carpet is taken out. Hollywood vs. Waterfall. This is the formula for measuring your stairs- Measure the rise and the run of your stairs multiplied by the number of stairs total. Mark Donovan, of HomeAdditionPlus**** installs a carpet stair runner on a straight hardwood staircase. A simpler, more convenient option for a makeover is store-bought stair treads. Also measure the width of the stair runner. Vacuum the stairs thoroughly. The first time I ordered the runner for our stairs we did not have enough. Compare this to an average cost of $200 for a do-it-yourself project. For safety, stair parts must be glued and nailed. Here are the differences between the two. I used Joe Kardisco #203-508-3803. He charged me $175! Measure the width of the stair and length. We watched a couple tutorials on how to install stair runners on our own. Cuts easily with scissors. Micro hooked wool rugs are the best construction for stairs, in part because these rugs have a built-in cotton canvas backing. It also preserves the surface of wood, laminate or tile stairs from damage and provides a soft, noiseless padding for those ascending or descending the stairway. 99 ($0.70/oz) He left about an inch on each side under the runner where there was no pad, allowing the runner to lay flat. Make sure to use actual carpet padding for the tops of each step. A- It is from Annie Selke, from her Dash and Albert Line- you can find my exact runner HERE. It did not go over the bottom step or up to the top rung. Such an improvement! You probably would not be able to install an angled runner yourselves. Did you know there were two types of stair runners: there is a hollywood stair runner and waterfall stair runner. I also live in Fairfield-who did you have install? Cut a tackless strip for each tread two inches shorter than the runner's width using sheet-metal snips. Any flat landing is obviously extra and I always recommend adding 2 feet just in case. Learn more about what I do at http://www.paidlikemarcus.com Furthermore, the VOC free dry adhesive sticks to both your floor and your carpet, stair tread, or rug, but absolutely will not damage your floors upon removal and our 8" x 40' roll us is large enough for a installing a full set of stair treads up to 36" wide. You all helped me pick it! #24: Renovating A Kitchen In Under A Week (Crazytown! Kick the kneepad of the knee kicker with your knee as you lift and place the carpet onto the tackless strip. Both prices include materials. This keeps the staples hidden and holds the stair runner in place. But then I got to, A Christmas photo from our 2020 pool. Seconding the suggestion to put a runner on the stairs rather than treads. ), http://www.oldtownhome.com/2011/6/1/Hold-On-Tight-Staircase-Wainscoting-and-Handrail-Project/, Priming and painting the trim and railing, Selected your runner (more on that and the previous bullet, Paint the stairwell walls and ceiling (more on that and the previous bullet, Install the runner (including where to staple and how to keep ends looking finished), Primer & paint for the risers, posts, trim, walls, and the ceiling: $0 (we had it already, but a guess for what you’d spend might be $80). HI! I would totally pay that again, worth the money. I did THIS runner from Annie Selke from her Dash and Albert line in a vertical stripe. You could do a runner down the stairs and not nail it, but use the decorative metal rods that hold runners in place but then you have the screw holes for the metal brackets, so you will most likely have some problems. It became more rewarding when I started preparing the nest for my Ella Grace, Lola Faith and Finn. He did not wrap it around the nose of the step. If they are particularly dirty, clean them with a damp cloth and wipe them dry. Hi! Cut the carpet to fit the bottom of each stair, the area where the foot will fall. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to replace a stair runner than individual steps – specially if the banister connects to each step. I love the black and white, classic. A stair runner enhances the appearance of the stairway and adds warmth to the space. The no shoes rule can also help, but that certainly isn’t a safer option for bare hard surface steps. Add the two figures together then add 6 inches to account for waste; the total is the length of the runner carpet you will need to cover the stairs. If you stand back you do not notice it at all. One was a local carpet store and they quoted me $225. Installation and materials can range as low as $1,000 and as high as $30,000.Price depends on several factors: Drill three appropriate size starter holes on the back-edge of the tread (the next riser placement should hide nail holes). Although I loved the look of the simple wood steps, I didn’t want our lives to be risked in our own home. A- They do not make runners long enough for my steps (or most steps). A hardwood staircase is made out of the hardwood and made to be stained and can stand alone as a finished staircase without being covered up. We followed Yellow Brick Home’s tutorial the most, grabbed the same staple gun that Young House Love used, and took rug joining advice from […] Wanted to wish e, We made the best Fajitas the other night on the Bl, I wasn’t going to post today. Hosted by Liquid Web, **This sidebar contains ads and affiliate links**. Basic runner installation consists of measuring your runner and stairs to determine the best balanced visual of exposed hardwood on the stairs on both sides of the runner. Mark Donovan, of http://www.HomeAdditionPlus.com installs a carpet stair runner on a straight hardwood staircase. I LOVE it too! Waterfall Installation // Source: whitewashedhouse.tumblr The waterfall method involves bending the carpet over the edge of the stair and bringing it … Measure the width of the stair tread and record it. DIY Stair Runner Install - The Sweet Beast 10.21.19 - 9:01 AM […] are a number of excellent tutorials out there and we used a mix of three in particular. All three of these methods make the surface of each stair rougher, add traction, and significantly reduce the risk of … Easy to keep the lines straight vs the small horizontal runner (and if it is a thin runner it is harder to keep straight like ours). You may be able to use a belt sander on a wide portion of the flat tread, but you must be very careful not to sand too much wood. Thanks for following me! Once you have a clean and polished staircase, install the slip-resistant (due to the pre-coated non-slip backing) and durable stair … Good Day, Good Night- A Day in The Life of a Blogger with a 19 month Old!