I was extremely heartened by their warm and appreciative reception. In photography, it’s not difficult to reach a technical level where you don’t need to think about the technique any more. Both countries are surrounded by water, both have been lived in for many centuries, and both have been extensively worked and explored. Michael Kenna is one of the most influential landscape photographer of his generation, photographing for 50 years, best known for his black & white landscapes. I am interested in how we interact with our environment and what we leave behind on the planet. MK: One evening I was staying in a friend's house just outside of London - the very place that I had lived for three years when I was studying at the London College of Printing. In this post, I'll be dissecting Kenna's photos, explaining why his I think his photos work, how it's done, and finally, show some of my attempts at incorporating his aesthetics into my photography. We can see the tones alternate from dark to light to dark from top to down. I believe it is most unwise to think that we have much control over events and people. After further study in London, he worked as a commercial photographer and printer before relocating to the USA. Ausstellungen, Lesungen und Signierstunden auf allen Kontinenten stehen in seinem dicht gefüllten Kalender. We are used to working with a single light source, the sun, so multiple lights that come from an assortment of directions can be quite surreal, and theatrical. MK: I have spent the past couple of years wandering around Japan photographing and a book containing 95 of these images has just been published by Nazraeli Press. Michael Kenna, Weston Gallery, Carmel, California, U.S.A. Rafu and Oiseaux. 2 sept. 2020 - Michael Kenna (1953-...) est un photographe britannique. His photos concentrate on the interaction between ephemeral atmospheric condition of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. In this section, we'll dissect some photos by Kenna to analyze the composition and discuss why the photo works and how Kenna created it. CG: How do you see yourself in the digital age? Shoot Like Michael Kenna. The negative is raw material, which a skilled and creative printmaker can mold in a thousand different ways. Based on my past itinerary, I suspect the road ahead will be full of interesting twists, turns and diversions. We live pretty fast-paced lives so it is a luxury to be able to slow down and better appreciate some of the more subtle effects of nature that we can so easily miss or take for granted. Revised and expanded. Japan has been a perfect place to explore these themes. From the Cityscapes series . Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. His unique minimalist imagery has inspired many, and earned him a huge and loyal following. I find this shot incredibly impressive and creative since it's difficult to envision this type of final result when I'm just looking through the viewfinder. When I started out it was with the assumption that art was essentially the search for beauty, and my definition of beauty was strictly limited. I look for an emotional response in all of this work. JK: Tell me about the new book. 2013 Shinan. As a result, Kenna's photos demonstrate intense focus and minimalism, which produces a peaceful and zen feeling. I approached the camps with reverence, respect and much trepidation. In this article, I will discuss Michael Kenna’s use of leading lines. The photos are chronologically ordered with the most recent ones first. With the help on ethereal light, Kenna is able to photograph his atypical landscapes at night and dawn. The Briton, famed for his black-and-white landscapes, loves the plastic pocket camera for its unpredictability and the whimsical quality of the resulting photos Over the twelve years that I continued to photograph I have come to some conclusions but I still do not find them easy to articulate. Drama is usually increased with the resulting deep shadows from artificial lights. Please check "Upcoming" for future exhibitions, publications, book signings and lectures. Look through Kenna’s images and you can see he rarely shoots busy and chaotic scenes. I am quite content to continue with the equipment I am used to. I'm not sure what it all means, though! About Michael Kenna. He uses a lot of symmetry and rule of thirds but is not afraid to break rules if the composition calls for it. Michael Kenna is regarded as one of the most accomplished photographers working today. For example, in an article in Le Monde, Claude Lanzmann criticized the fact that there was no distinction made between Concentration Camps and Death Camps. Photographically there is enough subject matter to keep me going for at least a few more life times so I hope to be able to continue doing what I am doing for as long as possible. Michael Kenna, Tracks 100 to 117, Grand Central Station, New York, New York, USA, 2000. Rhythm, in short, is some form of repetition and order. The tonal range of the main visual interests is processed such that they're at the two extremes with minimal detail. Left: In the "Homage to Atget" series, Kenna photographs numerous fixtures in the Parc de Sceaux, which all exhibit distinguishable shapes. All the detail is processed out such that the sculpture seems flat and the viewer can only focus on the bizarre shape of the sculpture. The aspect of unpredictability inherent with night exposures can also be a good antidote for previsualization. 1977 ging er nach San Francisco, wo er acht Jahre lang für Ruth Bernhard arbeitete, die für ihn zu einem maßgeblichen Einfluss wurde. November 20 - December 19. The sky and the snow are processed such that they blend and have minimal detail, further emphasizing the lines. Michael Kenna is one of the most popular and influential landscape photographers of the last 50 years. Their mission as part of the French ministry of culture is to promulgate the photographic estates of various (usually French) photographers whose work is relevant to the French state. My response was that I see the world in a certain way and that it would be hypocritical, if not impossible, for me to adopt a different way of working for this subject matter. He combines traditional and latest photography techniques to create exotic scenes. MK: When I began to photograph the Nazi concentration camps in the mid-eighties it was with mixed emotions. Edition of 45 Michael Kenna Tree and Gran Sasso, Castilenti, Abruzzo, Italy, 2015 Michael Kenna, Tree and Gran Sasso, Castilenti, Abruzzo, Italy, 2015. Kenna was born in 1953 in Widnes, England. Shapes: I love the usage of shapes in this photo. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction . Michael was born in Widnes, Cheshire, in 1953 and discovered photography at art school. Michael Kenna is no doubt a contemporary master at photography. After further study in London, he worked as a commercial photographer and printer before relocating to the USA. Michael Kenna est célèbre pour ses paysages naturels et industriels mystérieux en noir et blanc. Michael Kenna is a British photographer best known for his black-and-white images of unpopulated landscapes and urban scenes. N'hésitez donc pas à parcourir notre large répertoire de livres. What does this mean? Texts by Michael Kenna and Daido Moriyama. Short profile on the photography and techniques of Michael Kenna. An aspect of my work relates to memory and time. Rhythm: Rhythm occurs twice here in this piece. What's interesting in this photo is Kenna's use of middle grey. Lines: This is one of my favorite pieces of Kenna. I imagined that Brassaï might have done the same thing when he was photographing along the Seine in Paris. I've included some of my attempts at incorporating these learnings into my photography. What has been the response in these countries? Web Galleries RECENT PRINTS. CG: Michael, You return from a trip with many rolls of film to process. Maître du paysage en noir et blanc, Michael Kenna est un photographe de renommée internationale, parmi les plus importants de sa génération. The triangular hedges and the rectangular lines formed by the ledges intersect at the sculpture, creating a natural flow. He allows the scene to speak for itself and embraces a Zen-like approach to image making. Jan 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Thomas Auriel.

31 photographs.2011 Philosopher’s Tree. His pieces feature distinguishable shapes with strong identifiable outlines. I've been a long time fan of Michael Kenna and spent time analyzing his composition and post-processing techniques. Rhythm is created through contrast from the bottom right corner to the top left corner (dark, light, dark, light, dark). As he photographs on a Hasselblad which has a square format, a vast number of his images are square. To complement, Kenna added rhythm in contrast through post-processing. Indeed my first night photograph, made in 1977 of a set of swings in upstate New York, was a direct consequence of not being able to sleep. He would write his name, the date and some observation to come back to. So muss ich sie mir vorführen lassen, wie auch all die herrlichen Fotos, die ich nicht selber im Stande bin zu realisieren. MK: It’s called Easter Island and is published by Nazraeli Press. Michael Kenna Technique(s) utilisée(s): photographie. Is this your intent? I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had. Gallery Art Unlimited, Tokyo, Japan. The clouds creates additional juxtaposition of texture as they are the only elements in the photo that exhibit texture. MK: When exposures last hours rather than fractions of a second, there is much time for watching. I watch the sky and imagine what patterns the clouds and stars will make on my film. Michael Kenna is a British photographer best known for his black-and-white images of unpopulated landscapes and urban scenes. "Dans tout mon travail, il y a un thème sous-jacent qui est celui de la mémoire, du temps, du changement." CG: You donated 300 original prints and their black and white negatives. Michael Kenna Photography is on Facebook. I've been a long time fan of Michael Kenna and spent time analyzing his composition and post-processing techniques. Japan has been a perfect place to explore these themes. CG: In one of your books, you wrote, "I feel closer to the elements when I photograph at night, close to nature because I have to watch." In 1953, Michael Kenna was born in Lancashire, England, into an Irish Catholic family. Other times, there are a handful of lines that juxtapose each other resulting contrast or complement each other. Study 6: Kenna's series on the Ratcliffe Power Station is one of my favorite of his. « Je préfère le pouvoir de la suggestion à celui de la description.En … Contrast: Kenna processes his photos to the extremes of the tonal range. 4,391 talking about this. CG: Lets talk about your book, Impossible to Forget: Nazi Camps Fifty Years After, with 110 photographs. To learn more about rhythm, this page has a concise and digestible explanation. His photographs suggest contemplation and a poetic vision. Film can accumulate light and record events that our eyes are incapable of seeing. Consequently, there actually isn't much contrast in texture. Namyeong Lion Rock, Mongdol Beach, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. Did you have concerns about possibly objectifying the camps by making photographs of them into works of art and thereby altering the camps' terrifying reality? Due to the extremely long exposure and wind, the smoke starts to take shape in the form of a cone and becomes textureless, contributing to the overall rhythm. MK: I cannot remember when I said that but the comment probably refers to my general view of life, which is to go with the flow. Tension is created by splitting the large triangle in the center by the two cylindrical buildings. As in Japanese haiku poetry, I also try to emphasize suggestion rather than description. Despite aspiring to become a Catholic priest, Kenna’s passion for art led him to study at the Banbury School of Art and the London College of Printing. MICHAEL KENNA Seaweed Farms, Study 3, Xiapu, China (2010) Silver Gelatin Print 20cm x 20cm - Edition of 45 © Michael Kenna, Courtesy m97 gallery I usually have two sets of contact prints made, one gets filed and the other I use to edit out images that look interesting. And he mainly uses Hasselblad medium format and Holga cameras, accounting for the square format of most of his photographs. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Over the past 25 years I have also photographed industrial environments in North West England where I grew up, the Rouge steelworks in Detroit, coal and nuclear power stations, interiors of lace factories in France, a kindergarten classroom in San Francisco and Nazi concentration camps throughout Europe. I believed that beauty was in escapist fiction - the mists of Turner or the romanticism of Blake. Carole Glauber: Does photographing at night change your way of thinking about what you are photographing? Tell me about this print and its title. Kenna's compositions are minimalistic by nature with very clear subjects. Large Prints. In comparison, the dramatic clouds contrast the rest of the photo with its inconsistent middle grey tone. La présence humaine s’y inscrit en creux, d’une manière étrange, fantomatique. Share on Facebook Tweet Mail it The Lancashire-born master of minimalism has spent years honing his approach to landscapes. Michael Kenna Quixote's Giants, Study 5 / Les Géants de Don Quichotte, étude 5 Michael Kenna … Photocrowd Posted on May 11, 2018 Share this post. You enter your darkroom. Michael Kenna's quiet approach to the environment provides a glimpse into the provocative and subtle serenity of landscape photography. Die meist schwarzweißen Fotografien besitzen einen meditativen, poetischen Charakter. The results were very interesting and since then I've worked on my technique a little. Le photographe-voyageur anglais bâtit une oeuvre consacrée au paysage, enclos dans le format de la miniature. MK: I often use Pictorialist devices in order to simplify a scene and engage the focus of a viewer. Sometimes it is a basic concern for security but at others it is a more meditational activity. Quelle est la cote d’un artiste sur le marché de l’art ? I don’t recall where I first encountered his photos, but, although they were not the street photography I was attracted to at first, they struck a chord. I hope you find this post helpful in keeping you mindful of compositions! Drama is usually increased with the resulting deep shadows from artificial lights. Son oeuvre est prolifique et ses clichés de Paris réalisés depuis les années 1980 montrent une poésie et une finesse remarquable, nous emmenant parfois dans un rêve éveillé à travers les plus beaux parcs et lieux de Paris. Kenna could've processed that grey building black (and I'm sure he tried it), but instead he chose to process it grey. In general, shoot RAW, use as good a tripod and head as you can afford, and find some way to trip the camera remotely. Others were concerned that my work made the camps "beautiful." In the right photo, numerous triangles are formed by the cylindrical sloped towers, which are further accentuated by post-processing the shadows extra dark.