Das Konzept von Redmine wurde stark von Trac, einem ähnlichen Projektmanagementwerkzeug, beeinflusst. Confluence. Granted, you have some themes but that doesn't help its case. I already tried to use others, which are said to be more effective but I ended up coming back to Redmine because it suited me perfectly. Check-out what these 3 Redmine Plugins can do for you! E.g. Problem Management. OpsGenie. MySQL DB. Von der einfachen Ticketerfassung für beispielsweise Störungsmeldungen bis hin zur Unterstützung der ITIL-Prozesse Incident-, Problem-, Change- Management und Request Fulfillment lassen sich mit ((OTRS)) Community Edition alle Anforderungen individuell umsetzen. I've installed it and created a project, "Helpdesk". Sourcetree. Programmieren, Erstellen und Ausliefern. Redmine includes different functionalities: Incident tracking, errors, activity calendar, Gantt charts to visually represent the timeline of projects, wiki, role-based control, email integration and a long list of features that will be very useful for us. … Ruby on Rails. Our intuitive directory allows you to make an easy online Incident Management software comparison in just a few minutes by filtering by deployment method (such as Web-based, Cloud Computing or Client-Server), operating system (including Mac, … I would like to use Redmine as an IT Helpdesk ticketing solution. Using Redmine Resource management plugin, you can easily create filters that will help you with your competence management, which can be seen in the header. Configuration Management. Softwareentwicklung. Create an "Issue status" in Redmine Administration Settings to hold for closed state; then set the id of the status to redmine.closedStatusId in the configuration file. Versions within Resource management . Redmine is a very popular Rails-based open source bug tracker to help you manage issues and tasks for multiple projects. When you upgrade from Redmine to Easy Redmine, it is very convenient to take a complete old database with information about all projects, tasks and other entities, and import it to our application. : rpm -U --force opsgenie-integration-.rpm. Trello. Redmine is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Incident Response der nächsten Generation. The url to the host that Redmine is running on. If you want to benefit from these functionalities, create a custom field with the name alert_id in Redmine Administration settings. New announcements from Dash: Incident Management, Continuous Profiler, and more! Following the discussion, you can generate a request for the provision of the service. Migration Guide to New Alert and Notification Policies, Opsgenie Edge Connector (OEC) Action Channel, Schedule with different Weekday/Weekend Rotation, Automate Incident Creation (Incident Rules), Email Templates for Stakeholder Notifications, Incident Visibility and Action Permission, Service Incident Templates API (Deprecated), Migrating from Marid to Opsgenie Edge Connector, Migration of existing Marid Groovy scripts to Opsgenie Edge Connector, OEC Migration - About Marid's Proxy and Web Server Functionalities, Outgoing Integration Triggers for Team Routings, Deprecating Old API and Their Effect to Integrations, Amazon CloudTrail Integration over Amazon CloudWatch, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Integration, Microsoft Azure Resource Health Integration, Microsoft Azure Service Health Integration, Splunk IT Service Intelligence Integration, StruxureWare Data Center Expert Integration, SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor Integration, VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance Integration, X-Pack Alerting (Elasticsearch Watcher) Integration, Opsgenie CloudFormation Registry Resources, Customer and User Migration to Atlassian Accounts, Connecting Opsgenie account to an Atlassian site - Owner/Admin tasks, Connecting Opsgenie account to an Atlassian site - User tasks, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Overview, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Notifications, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Dashboard, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Alert List, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Alert Details, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Who is On Call, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Schedules, Opsgenie for BlackBerry Dynamics - Directory & User Details, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services SSO, Unzip opsgenie integration zip file which contains OEC package into a directory (C:\opsgenie-integration is the preferred path. Use GetApp to find the best Incident Management software and services for your needs. Management of the company - is a process of communication between employees. Opsgenie uses the status_id to change the issue status when an alert is closed at Opsgenie. Git-Code-Management. Note that alteration of these instructions may be necessary depending on distribution. Git- und Mercurial-Desktop-Client. Easy Redmine 10 – Für Anwender entwickelt Easy Redmine 10 bringt neues mobiles Design, Easy Gantt, Projektvorlagen, Dashboards, Chat, Graphen & Charts und vieles mehr. Before submitting a bug report, a patch or a feature request here, please read the Submission guidelines. Apache Directory (LDAP) UML Modelling. Optional. Share "Redmine" Compare Add to favorites Print. Easy Redmine is fully based on Redmine project management system. PHP Programmierung. Our team took a lot of time to grasp it and use it properly. OEC application configuration file is located in: Copy the API key from the OEC integration you've created above. Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Our team took a lot of time to grasp it and use it properly. Incident management. Check out the following sections for more information: Integrate your monitoring tools. For getting help or discussing Redmine, you can browse the Redmine forums hosted right here in Redmine. New announcements from Dash! Simply choose the competence and the users and a quick filter will appear on your dashboard, that can be switched on and off when needed. Das gemeinsame Bearbeiten von Dokumenten. Steuerung des 1st Level / Service Desk, Tracking der Tickets. We suggest that you backup your configuration files before update! Werdegang. Incident Management Software Comparison. Visuelle Zusammenarbeit an Projekten aller Art. The steps below describe how to integrate Opsgenie and Redmine using Opsgenie Redmine integration plugin. Details. Gallery. Flexibles Projekt-Management mit Redmine Ob für klassisches Projekt-Management, Scrum, Diskussionsforen, Wikis, User-Support, Zeiterfassung oder Dokumenten-Management: "Redmine" zeichnet sich in erster Linie durch seine hohe Flexibilität aus. View, search on, and discuss Redmine updates in your Datadog event stream. Bitbucket . The UI looks aged and the UX is somewhat terrible. Microsoft Server. Some of the main features of Redmine are: A shared online demo can be found at http://demo.redmine.org/. Redmine is free, so we have to keep that in mind too as it allows you to dip your toes into the waters of project management tools. I really dislike the UI and UX. Once the incidents are loaded into Redmine as issues, the development team can then manage the lifecycle of these issues in Redmine, and have the status changes in Redmine be reflected back in SpiraTeam. Redmine ist eine freie, webbasierte Projektmanagement-Software. Andere Bug Tracker, die eher Incident Management betreffen, sind eher für HelpDesk, Kundenfeedback und Kundenservice geeignet. Opsgenie creates new issues in a Redmine project when an alert is created, add notes to the issue when a note is added to the alert, and changes the issue state when the alert is acknowledged by someone etc. We also have a chatroom - join #redmine on the freenode IRC network. Redmine is a flexible project management web application written using Ruby on Rails framework. Optional. The oportunity is more in Service Support area plus Service Level Management. It saves the new default configuration file as opsgenie-integration.conf.rpmnew. Weltweit wird Redmine bei mehreren großen Projekten verwendet, unter anderem bei dem Issue-Tracking-System der Programmiersprache Ruby oder dem Entwicklerportal von TYPO3. Incident Management enables developers to easily triage and view the alerts and incidents generated by their application. When using global Resource management, you can easily … Incident Management. Alternatively, you can get your own Redmine demo environment at http://m.redmine.org with full administrator privileges after filling a simple form. Java Programmierung. Create an "Issue status" in Redmine Administration Settings to hold for acknowledged state; then set the id of the status to redmine.inProgressStatusId in the configuration file. Most wanted Redmine features in one upgrade . Plugin «Service Desk» provides excellent opportunities of corporate communication. If you enjoy using it and would like to give back to the community, the Contribute page has several ideas. Who uses Redmine? Dokumentation in Reports und Besprechung im Betriebsmeeting. Dokumentation der aufgetretenen Ereignisse im Ticket System. Opsgenie is a modern incident management platform for operating always-on services, empowering Dev and Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents. Genießen Sie Projektmanagement wie nie zuvor, sparen Sie Zeit, verbessern Sie Kommunikation und allgemeine Benutzerfreundlichkeit. The id of the Redmine project. Basic project management brings system into projects regardless of the type of implementation. Redmine. During upgrades, the rpm package does not overwrite your existing configurations. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. Description. Die … Jira Service Management. Incident Management. Software development experience is not required. Redmine is an open-source project management web application. Traceability between various requirements (Tracker Type) and options of various Relationship Types to establish traceability between different type of records is very powerful feature of redmine to explore to manage requirements and related artifacts including establishing and managing of up-stream and down-stream traceability with requirements for any enterprise-wide initiative, product management, application management… Use Opsgenie's Redmine integration to forward Opsgenie alert activity to Redmine as issues. Granted, you have some themes but that doesn't help its case. Geschäftsführer. This page lists some companies and projects using Redmine. I really dislike the UI and UX. High-Velocity-ITSM. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Easy Redmine is a suitable project management tool for all industries. Informationen zu Vorfällen. It's been setup to give registered users the ability to create their own projects. The UI looks aged and the UX is somewhat terrible. The different subject to cover are the following: } Minor Update on Mantis * Adjusting terminology to ITIL TODO: Share mantis configuration about these update This part is pure … Release Management. Overview. Redmine Chat: Suche Redmine-Chaträume im Internet Relay Chat und unterhalte dich über Redmine mit Hilfe deines Browsers oder einer Chat-App! Redmine is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL). Redmine is free, so we have to keep that in mind too as it allows you to dip your toes into the waters of project management tools. You can also make a donation and get listed on the Redmine Donors page. Redmine is built and maintained by community volunteers. Bilddateien ohne Qualitätsverlust komprimieren Redmine integration package does not support SSL v1.0. Opsgenie uses the status_id to change the issue status when an alert is acknowledged at Opsgenie. Furthermore, thanks to particular extensions, there are specific solutions for IT & software companies, customer care, finance management and CRM. Bugzilla. Each employee will be able to discuss and record the results of this discussion, using a special kind of requests. It is extremely flexible, features a built-in wiki, time tracking, custom fields, role-based access, SCM integration (including git), and support for multiple projects. Bis heute, seit Jan. 2018. Überführung ins Problem Management und Nachverfolgung des Problems bis zur endgültigen Lösung oder Anerkennung des Workarounds als … Note that you need to "enable REST web service" from Redmine Administration settings. Share. Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Optional. If the Redmine Server has SSL v1.0, we suggest upgrading the SSL server. “the best incident management and task control tool” Pros: I have used the Redmine tool for a long time and I can guarantee it is the best tool for task management, time tracking and projects. Berufserfahrung von Christian Buczek. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. BI Prozessmodellierung. This means once you register, you can create your own project on there and try out the project administration features. Change Management. Changemanagement. If you want to update from version 201X-XX-XX to 2.X.X, you must add --force parameter. Needed by Opsgenie for updating issues: adding notes; acknowledging or closing an issue. In addition, any issues logged directly into Redmine will get imported into SpiraTeam so that they can be linked to test cases and requirements. The API access key that can be found on the Redmine account page (/my/account). User's GuideDeveloper's GuideChangelog, SecurityFAQ, HowTo'sPlugins, ThemesPrivacy Policy. Redmine books; Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Emails sent to our support email are generating issues in the "Helpdesk" project with the submitting user as its author. Easy Redmine 10 is a complete and extensible Redmine upgrade.Combination of new mobile design with most the wanted plugins & features will make your project management more enjoyable, improve communication, user experience and save your time. Features¶ Some of the main features of Redmine are: Multiple projects support ZUSAMMENARBEIT. INFO 420 | Project Management A tutorial on using Redmine software project management suite Sie kann für Benutzer- und Projektverwaltung, Diskussionsforen, Wikis, zur Ticketverwaltung oder Dokumentenablage genutzt werden. Viele Tools der folgenden Liste konzentrieren sich nicht auf das Fehler- und Abweichungsmanagementwerkzeug alleine, sondern bieten weitere Funktionen die im Softwareentwicklungsbereich, Projektsteuerung oder Kundenservice unterstützen sollen. Opsgenie delivers informational alerts to the right people, enabling them to assess the incident and take appropriate actions rapidly. WBS + Gantt + Resource Management make Project Planning easy as never before. Statuspage. You can find more information about rpm upgrade config file handling from here. Hervorzuheben ist das eigenständige Modul für IT Service Management OTRS::ITSM, das aktuell in der Version 5 vorliegt. By surfacing alerts and incidents where the code is being developed, efficiency and awareness can be increased. Incident Management, Problem Management. Uncomment redmine.customFieldId in the configuration file and set it to the custom field's id. ). Check out the Teams Page if you are interested in a specific area to contribute regularly. Opsgenie creates the issues on this project. Learn how to track projects, issues, bugs and support requests within the project team using redmine. Microsoft SQL Server. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. I've setup LDAP authentication to work with Active Directory, and I've created user accounts. You can only suggest edits to Markdown body content, but not to the API spec.