Enjoy the city, it truly is one of the best places. I might be a bit biased though, because I generally prefer flats or solid heels, even in pumps and sandals; I’m not really a kitten heel fan. Also, if you’re more comfortable in skirts the fleece lined tights are amazing! I wouldn’t wear suede boots, but leather ones that can be waterproofed should be sufficient as long as you avoid wading through puddles. You are wrong on SO many levels. If you love fashion, you are going to love New York! New York City is really good about removing snow from sidewalks. What To Wear In NYC In Winter. Have fun with footwear. This winter jacket also has to be waterproof since you never know when the weather will instantly change (and not for the better) while you’re up in NYC.. You’ll definitely want a jacket that can protect you from the seriously intense, blizzard-like conditions that NYC can throw your way. And while we’re at it, add some Advil to your NYC packing list too. If you do a post on this, Kat, I will comment with my own story of going to the Supreme Court with a colleague who wore Pumas…. I’m curious about all this anti-down coat sentiment. Ask a secretary or female colleague, its a pretty standard service. My point is that if you will be going out with people from the NY office who younger, you may want to think about a slight outfit change. Yes! I wore my down coat all the time in NYC (3 years, worked in heart of midtown) – I saw women in down coats all the time. It is literally the worst thing ever. Because while I can give you some tips, based on what the weather in NYC SHOULD be like during the winter, I am most definitely not a meteorologist and don’t pretend to be one. 2 pairs of stockings or leggings – They give you the option to layer underneath your pants for added warmth or wear with a dress or skirt. Mateo New York earrings, mateonewyork.com, $1,100 Balenciaga pumps, net-a-porter.com , $695 One night out is enough to explain why New York … I personally prefer wool (or leather) coats that are well-lined (usually with thisulate) over down coats. You can just imagine how much I have put this poor bag through. You really can’t go wrong with any of the clothes on that you’ll find on Aviator’s site. It still cracks me up every time I think about it. I’ve walked 4 miles in a day in my Canadiennes with no issue, and they are not flat (wedge heel, maybe 3 in), but they were pretty broken in. The last time I was in NYC in winter I was wearing a dark tweed coat that was hand-woven and made-to-measure for me (by a company in Nova Scotia), that was just about perfection. So, just, watch where you’re going :) FIY: because women tend to ruin so many shoes in NYC, there are cobblers everywhere & most of them will do quick (even while you wait) repairs. I think your price point might be too low for real leather. A collapsible water bottle is not an item on this NYC packing list that will be bringing sexy back any time soon. I would also add, have a tissue or two in your coat pocket. I am considering the Ramonas for an upcoming trip that will involve a LOT of walking (3-6 miles/day) — are they that comfortable, or is it a fool’s move to try anything but flats? Regardless, you’ll need warm clothes to bundle up and protect yourself from the cold. If it doesn’t, you know what to buy before your next trip to New York. But enough about food (I can’t believe I actually just wrote that), let’s get back to these jeans. They’re kind of essential if you want to use your touchscreen smartphone without developing a mild case of frostbite. Especially for a California girl – if you’re not going to wear a hat, I’d suggest one of those “infinity” scarves. If you’re looking for what to wear in New York during the winter, you’ve landed on the right post. There’s no “shoe polish” associated with it, so there is no potential for mess–it just a buffer, really, and it is great for running over my heels or boots to remove salt or other “outside” marks and give my shoes a nice 2-second polish. Which is why layering, my friends, is the key to all of your NYC fashion problems. That’s a lot of jobs for one little sock to do, so we’ll just have to forego the cuteness factor on this one. They can be worn on cold days instead of high heels and they instantly elevate any look. Thanks for the suggestion though! No NYC winter look would be complete without a kick ass scarf! Well, not only are they SUPER warm to wear, but they’re also extremely versatile and seamlessly transition you from a casual day out, into a hot night out on the town. Then take a change of shoes for indoors. Yeah, I know, I was none too happy about this either. Hmm…I think my advice will probably overlap with a lot of what is already here, but hopefully it’s not totally repetitive. It’d take a lot of chutzpah to make such a request unless you are very senior. I wear one 90% of the winter in Boston and I didn’t think there was a big difference between finance/law types between NY and Boston. And this PINCNEL Women’s Backpack totally ticks all of those boxes. Not sure what to wear in New York in winter? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Try and purchase a sim card for your unlocked phone prior to your visit so that you don’t get hit with a ton of data overages while using the internet to navigate the not so mean streets of NYC (FYI: This is only applicable if you’re visiting from outside the US and don’t have a cell phone plan that includes this country). It doesn’t look the best though, so I’m looking for alternative solutions. Aviator Jeans. I have a great pair of La Canadienne boots that I wear in the office. • • • #russia #moscow #streetstyle #travelstyle #travelinstyle #jeans #summertravel #summerisntover, A post shared by AVIATOR (@aviatorusa) on Aug 28, 2019 at 12:02pm PDT. I HATE sleeping on planes. Have you already tried Zappos? What is the Weather like in New York City During the Winter? I can get away with ankle booties!”. The Historic Hotel Broadalbin – Is it worth it? Will get the static out of your hair. The weather in New York City during the winter is generally cold and damp. Helps to cut down on the static. Do yourself a favor and go buy a pair of these awesome socks. 2. Kat – the people demand to hear your Uggs story! It’s comes in black, the one color that ALL New Yorkers love since it’s slimming and pairs well with everything (Wearing black also makes you look like a super-savvy local). Dark leather (and faux leather) pants, however, are more durable and will both keep you warm and leave you less susceptible to stains. (Obviously you have to use your judgment here, and find a pair that both looks nice and is comfortable for walking.) I’ve been coveting La Canadienne’s for a while, but wanted to ask, for those who wear them with pants: do you have a strategy for keeping the pants hem clean when walking post-snow? It just depends on your budget…and mine happens to be itty bitty at the moment. I always bring a large pashmina – I can wrap it around my shoulders under my coat when it’s colder, wear it as a scarf, or use it in a cold office. Not only does it come with a durable hanging hook that makes everything 10,000 times easier to find, but it also has a sturdy zipper, a breathable mesh pouch, a strong handle, and is big enough to hold just about anything you could every need. 2020 updated images (New York in snow) via Stencil. It’s better to start with a small amount of lotion and then repeat if necessary. This little sleep-inducing marvel will help you get the rest you need while taking up minimal real estate in your carry on. Travel and style blogger Lindsey Puls @have_clothes_will_travel just road tested our Comfort Skinny Silver Jeans in Moscow. Since you’re traveling, you most likely will be wearing solid neutrals but remember to pack a fun printed piece to liven up an outfit. Not only does it give me the neck support that I need to sleep on a plane, but it’s also easy to pack since it occupies a fraction of the space that a normal neck pillow does. Copyright © 2017 - 2020 Girl with the Passport | Developed by Lottie Reeves. I have historically been opposed to puffy coats (whether it was the movie Romancing the Stone or Working Girl, I’ll never know) but I must admit a friend just bought a fuchsia puffy coat and looked adorable in it, so there’s that. Granted, the subways are not glamorous like in Moscow. – How do most people in NY handle the office to dinner? Not only do they come in a variety of beautiful colors, but they also have a soft interior, are streamline (AKA not bulky) for easy use, and have a timeless look that will pair well with almost any outfit. Three cheers for introverted social isolation! Other, General Travel Items That Should Be On Your Winter in New York Packing List! I wore them before I got my Aviator’s and like them, because they’re cute, true to size, durable, and have a comfy elastic waistband (it’s also a control top waist that holds in your muffin top) that instantly makes you look five pounds lighter. If you really feel cold, you can pop into a dept store and get a good coat with the post Xmas sales, I should think…. Travel insurance is probably THE most boring thing to talk about…EVER! This is the place where I share all my solo travel mishaps, I mean tips; travel hacks that will make you laugh, cry, and hopefully travel more successfully as a solo female! You should be careful not to wear any white outerwear, because the slush from the street and the cabs are sure to stain your coat. Although some people would wear a peacoat year-round, I typically save my peacoat for fall from October onwards or before April. You can use it to wrap on the outside of your coat if need be. What is the appropriate place to wear a sweater dress anyways?! The fact that these jeans are incredibly well made and will probably last longer than any cockroach on the planet since they’re durable, flexible, and breathable. The article and comments were all very helpful, so thank you to everyone who contributed! New Yorkers wear a lot of fur in the winter – for a reason. My roommate met a guy from Estonia on the ferry, and they hooked up for a month before he had to return home. If all of your travel gear is worth less than $1000, purchase the basic plan. Pictured above: great long underwear, $9-$145: one / two / three / four. I swear by my La Canadienne boots for winters in NY! I’m sub-tropical by nature, so there is no way I will go north of Washington DC w/o my down coats, sorry. I have signed up for shopittome, and I will sign up for the others. Between long walks, subway seats, and the elements, it’s best to avoid white pants unless you’re looking at a quick cab ride and minimal time outside. (I noticed Overstock had some good looking coats and since this trip is a regular part of my new position, I don’t mind spending money on a few investment items.). If you don’t mind smelling like laundry, I imagine it would work. LIKE RIGHT NOW (Kidding! Floral Scarf and Black Suit. I know, pricey. Never step on cracks, or rather *in* them. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit! The sole, unlike many other boots, is textured rubber, so it actually provides traction in the snow and ice. Not only does it help you save money, but it also helps protect the environment by reducing your overall plastic use while you travel. Things like a brush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, moisturiser, contact lens solution (if you wear contacts), medication, and any makeup or sanitary products that you can dream up. Look at this as your New York guide on what to wear in New York and of current street style 2019. You’ll constantly be popping in and out of stores, cafes, museums, and various other attractions while roaming through the blistering cold streets of NYC. And I think Boston is quite different. In fact, if you’re lucky you’ll be able to expense cabs to and from dinner, which will make a lot of these questions a moot point. This backpack even has a fantastic back zipper, that accesses the main compartment and rests up against your back while you’re wearing it. Only one of aerosoles boots are leather, and they’re half fabric along the back. See how 15 New York women bundle up stylishly. If you wear a down coat over a suit you risk overheating/sweating. The first rule of travel is that you can never EVER have too many pockets (please tell me you get the Fight Club reference?). 2-3 base layer thermal tops. It has a super cozy, fleece interior that keeps your head warm, has an adorable knit pattern, has a cute AF pompom on top, and comes in an assortment of different colors. Tims (AKA Timberlands) aren’t just a shoe, they’re a way of life. Something the size of a standard pashmina, but in toasty cashmere, will be a godsend. by girlwiththepassport | Oct 21, 2019 | New York City | 0 comments. Well, it’s a nifty, collapsible water bottle that will take up a minimal amount of space in your bag when you’re not using it to carry water. Hmm, I agree that there are often puddles next to the stairs, but they are not so huge that you cannot jump over them. Well, I’m so glad you theoreticaly asked. The Fainting Goat Island Inn – Is it Worth it? Many women wear northface long down coats, and I do not think twice about it. If you’re looking to take some super chic, incredibly Grammable photos while in NYC, then you really can’t go wrong with a chic AF sweater dress. I have these http://shorl.com/jekugrisurifro, and despite the heel height (and I am most not a heel person), they are actually quite comfortable. Here’s what you need for a winter week in NYC based on lots of experience: a good warm wool coat (down is not such a hot idea, no pun intended), a pair of leather boots that are very comfortable for walking, a warm scarf, and warm gloves. 3 pairs should do you well for 1 week. It keeps me a little warmer and I think it looks nice. That’s why, it’s always important to have a scarf that you can wrap around your nose and mouth, thus protecting yourself from those aforementioned, icy annoyances. I’ve lived in both cities, and New York usually has a milder winter than Boston, the recent Snowpocalyse blizzard being a notable exception. Bringing your outerwear onto the plane is the best option when you're traveling to chilly New York in the winter. No, I’m totally being for real right since you get ALL of this for just $33.99. Note to self: look for good winter gear in cold places :). I sit there, wide awake, plagued by a perpetual case of insomnia and watch in total annoyance as everyone easily drifts to sleep, quietly dreaming about NYC. Yes, wear a hat! If you go to their website, you can sign up for their email list, and get an extra 15% off! There’s nothing worse than nursing a splitting headache, after a debaucherous night atop one of NYC’s many amazing rooftop bars, with no relief in sight. But, out of the buffet of options available to you, how do you know what plan to go with? Fleece-lined leggings are always a must for any winter trip to NYC. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. As for the other excreta you mentioned, if you are aware, there is no need for you to step in them. If you layer it with a wool scarf or wrap, a hat, and good gloves, you should be fine for all but the most blustry days. Here is Episode 5 of what everyone is wearing in New York. The only thing that makes the entire ordeal even slightly bareable is a neck pillow. Your email address will not be published. 2 pairs of pants – This might include jeans and a pair of black pants. 2. Thanks! As a seasoned New Yorker and over my career as a stylist over the past year, I’ve nailed down the items one … The wool coat should be fine. — then the structured wool hat is a cute look — like a cloche. Choose multipurpose garments. They are big loops you can actually loop twice, so you leave one around your neck and pull one around your ears if you are really freezing! One of my friends has longish hair and she wears ear warmers (just google) and with her hair down you can’t even tell. Sorry to be so TMI but it has happened to me. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. That also applies particularly on 59th street, where the horses wait between rides. If the battery on my phone actually does die, it’s like a Defcon 5 level emergency. In thinking about it, I realized my offices will be just as tempaerature controlled in NYC as they are in LA, so I guess it will be an off-hours piece of clothing. Shop. Or if you don’t have hair oil with you, put some hand lotion on your hands and rub it mostly, but not all of the way in. If you’re wondering what shoes to wear in the winter in New York City, we recommend bringing winter … Do try and get for a pair of these epic leggings WITH pockets. Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Hat (1) Gloves (1) and Scarf (1) (NYC is known to be windy and cold in the winter. Please see my disclosure for more information. I always end up standing out on the tarmac at LGA for a couple of minutes waiting for my gate-checked luggage, and it can get windy! So take that into consideration when you’re planning your footwear – I wouldn’t shell out a bunch of money for anything. Say goodbye to theft-related anxiety and hello to serenity since there’s no way that anyone could open the zipper and steal all your belongings while you’re walking around. I’m making my first trip to NYC in exactly one week. LOL). As a lifelong Southern California Girl, I am totally clueless how to navigate the weather and still look professional? You need to suck it up, put your big girl panties on, and add travel insurance to your NYC packing list. I’m originally from a tropical climate so this might play into it, but I find that a wool coat + suit jacket leaves me cold most of the winter in Boston. It’s New York City; if you really need something while you’re there, you can get it easily. I haven’t worn boots before, and I am not sure how much wear I’ll get out of them. As far as shoes go, the primary thing to look out for in NYC is the uneven streets and even some subway corridors — slush and rain can accumulate to make some ridiculously large puddles. Not only is it lighter and easier to use than my other tripod, but it’s also durable enough to hold both my camera and its rather large lens and easily fits in my day bag! Explore Central Park. Even if you do happen to visit New York City during a snowstorm, do NOT panic. The cold here is definitely not your average cold weather. No judgment here. I guess it just depends if it’s strictly a work function, or if it bleeds into social function range. And since all of these places come with ample amounts of hea: Chances are that you probably won’t need to rock a super warm sweater after crossing the threshold and getting safely indoors. Not only do they cover you in almost any country that you might want to travel to, (besides SUPER offbeat places like Pakistan), but they also give you an amazing level of coverage, make it super easy to customize your plan, and even let you extend/change your policy while you’re still traveling. What really makes this bag so special is the fact that its lightweight, durable (no holes in my bag yet), made of water-resistant material, and has an awesome, 44 L capacity, with 21″X 14″ X 9″ dimensions that meet the maximum carry on allowance for any IATA (International Air Transport Association) flight. A lightweight, super durable, waterproof, down, mid-length, chevron-quilted jacket from Tommy Hilfiger. They look so much more polished and professional than Hunter Wellies when I’m commuting into the office, and the ones with a wedge heel have enough traction for snowy slippery days, and elevate me above the dreaded slush piles Kat mentions. Tide to Go is an absolute MUST for me since I’m forever spilling something rediculously awful all over myself. Find out now! It is really not fun to be lagging behind the group when you’re walking, so as long as you can walk at a normal/quick pace in your boots, you should be good. I implore you to ALWAYS check the weather before you travel to NYC this winter because the weather here can be bananas level crazy. Wool should be fine, although I definitely prefer a slightly thicker wool (actually, wool/cashmere blend is the best!). New Yorkers love a head-to-toe outfit in black, so black denim, a cozy thick sweater, and black puffer with blank ankle boots will have you fitting right in! Or do those who’ve grown up in a cold climate (not me) not notice the cold much? I wear a down coat to work a lot in Chicago , but typically not over a suit or to client or more formal occasions. Lovely — I bought two pairs, different styles. – Is my thin wool coat over my suit jacket enough or should I splurge on a down coat? You may end up tossing the shoes in the garbage before or after you get home, as I did after my first NYC trip. And while I may not be able to save myself from acute spillage of the least attractive kind: I can do a little incognito damage control and whip out this little cleaning wand of wonder (as well as a handy little moist towelette) to clear away any residual evidence of my not-so-lady like ways. For nights out, Coloradans tend to dress casually. 3) Dinner: In my experience, dinner is pretty much always work attire. Then again, I don’t work in a particularly formal office — maybe these boots wouldn’t be okay in an East Coast business formal atmosphere? Because this brand has come a LONG way from the iconic work boots that we all know and love but that aren’t particularly well-suited for any budding fashionistas out there. I don’t know what it is. Hoping to inspire everyone Work Hard, Dress Well and Travel Often. If you’re going to buy something for this trip, get a nice cashmere wrap. They’re waterproof, are incredibly comfortable, rise well above your ankles, are easy to style, and even have a wicked awesome grip on them too. by foregoing travel insurance. You might end up a bit over the $150 price point if you can’t get them on sale, though. I’m not in the US, but at least 90% of people round here wear either down or some other technical fabric, and the wool people are either older or look perpetually cold. My advice for footwear is to not take any shoes you are attached to, especially if you will be taking the subway. Hm, yes, the streets can get nasty – but on the whole, it’s really not that bad. I mean, I wanna sit here and tell you that it’s gonna be frigid AF, with twelve feet of snow on the ground, meaning that you should OBVIOUSLY dress as warmly as humanly possible. My very stylish friend Susie Tweeted the other day that she had been wondering what to wear in a New York winter, and had found a post from LLG, written way back in January 2009, when I had just returned to blogging after a break to return to magazine land. To the questioner – since you’ll only be there a week and you say you’ll be making this trip regularly, I suggest you don’t buy anything new in advance of this trip. (More storms coming.). If you do decide to purchase this particular sweater dress, then definitely order a size larger than you normally do if you want that full-on, uber-slouchy effect (This dress also does tend to run a bit small). So good luck to you, and let us know how you make out! Hang insulating shades or blackout curtains on windows to reduce heat loss. It’s definitely not a cute look and happens way more often than most people think. I think we’d all be sitting there, professing our undying love for the wonder and glory that is travel insurance. It doesn’t frequently get so cold here that you’ll need anything more special than that (for example, La Canadienne boots are nice to have, but you can certainly survive without them here). Just like Chicago but not quite as cold and the snow removal is (usually) a little better. or get eaten by a rogue shark if I wasn’t using the GPS on my phone 24/7, 365 days a year. In Boston you might think your briefcase is going to blow away; not so in NYC. 2. I eventually went with a cheaper option from DSW that I’m kinda regretting – after a full day the airport, my feet were protesting quite a lot. I break out my long wool coat for really formal events only, and short wool coats for warmer days. In my last post I talked about how New York City was a popular Christmas destination. But I would especially avoid them in bad weather. 1. But the real cherry on top of this proverbial sundae? If you have other great ideas on how to stay warm but business appropriate, please let me know below! I’m not sure it totally fits your lower heel height requirement but I thought that they might be extra comfortable based on the brands: http://www.zappos.com/clarks-ruby-sparkle, http://www.zappos.com/sofft-frederica-black-velvet-sheep-nappa (these are a little more price-y but I think I saw them more on sale elsewhere – maybe Nordstrom’s?). I touched on some good brands and other waterproofing methods in this post a few months ago; at the very least I would recommend spraying your boots with a waterproofing agent before you leave. There were a bunch in the recent Endless sale and you can also try 6pm.com and Zappos. If you use a hair oil or serum, try smoothing a teensy bit on the top of your head, away from your roots, finger combing it through your hair so you don’t have greasy patches. I think I see down coats a technical wear. Wellies are great if you’re not paying attention, but with just a bit more care and attention you can avoid them entirely. Really, I would say that you should be fine to stay with your work clothes at the vast majority of places that you would eat dinner. These puddles of slush actually tend to form around all of New York City’s major subway stations. We should probably discuss toiletries, at least a little bit, just so that you don’t forget something ultra-important, like a toothbrush. This really is the ONLY piece of luggage that I travel with, besides my day bag. It takes A LOT to shut down the city that never sleeps. I would not plan on wearing your work shoes around. Do You Limit Social Media For Your Kids? Do somethings you can’t do in CA. Because when it comes to my personal well-being, practicality wins out over cute, every single day of the week. After you’ve made the first trip, then you’ll have a better idea of what you need to buy to be prepared for future trips. Pack a pair of trousers, skirt or shorts in a lovely print. In Boston, I would not hesitate to wear down on a cold day. I tried the same thing, and couldn’t find real leather boots that came to my knee for less than $200. I already checked them out a little bit, but will look a little more dilligently. I bought the suede ones and treated them with weather spray so I can wear them on messy streets. I spent most of last winter traveling to NY for work, and it took me a while to get a routine. But I will definitely check them out. Three cheers for modern glove technology that allows you to wear your gloves and text, all at the same time! I was looking for something similar and I finally found a bunch of options there. NYC is the greatest fun, but if you are cold you will not enjoy yourself. A good quality wool/cashmere blend should be fine. Sweater dresses are one of my ultimate, go-to pieces when enduring, I mean frollicing through, winter in NYC. I’m actually leaving for this trip on Sunday so the timing couldn’t be better. I think that you can never go wrong with a pair of sleek, black leggings, like this affordable pair by Naviskin, since they’re slimming, comfortable, and incredibly versatile. You’ll be fine). Finally, you should consider doing something different while in NY City. When it comes to what to wear in New York in winter, layering is key! That’s a $16.50 discount that I for one am all about. But, yes, hat/scarf/gloves will be key. As a SoCal girl who lived in NY for two years, the thing I had to learn to do was to just make peace with the cold. Traveling Working Moms Share Their Top Tips for Frequent Work Travel, Must-Have Maternity Dresses for the Office. And La Canadienne boots are water-proof, and warm without being bulky. You can protect yourself from low temperatures with good coats/scarves/gloves/hats/ear muffs up to a certain point, but other than that you just have to know that you may still be cold and there’s nothing to be done about it. Here’s the thing ladies: When it comes to winter in NYC, you’re gonna have to make some tough choices, and pack smart. I also wouldn’t wear them outside of commuting – I think wellies have a bit of a trendy vibe to them that doesn’t mix with our conservative office. Worst case scenario – I know people who rub Bounce dryer sheets on their heads. As a die-hard solo traveler, with no Instagram husband to call my own, I suck it up, force my eyelids open at the crack of dawn, and drag my tripod around with me wherever I go (I personally love my Manfrotto Compact tripod! And my pillow of choice is the inflatable daydreamer neck pillow. Spray static guard on your hairbrush. Don’t forget to pack extra Ziploc bags to store your wet clothes in or to keep your electronics dry, in case of an impromptu torrential downpour. Fleece-lined leather gloves look nice and keep your hands warm. These pants are so well made that buying a single pair of these jeans is way cheaper than purchasing jeans of lesser quality every other month. These cookies do not store any personal information. Guide to The Best Tops For Under Women’s Suits, Plus-Size Women’s Workwear (Recent Picks), « Thursday’s TPS Report: 3/4-sleeve faux-wrap dress, Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: T Tahari ‘Mia’ Blouse », what to wear to a black-tie dinner at the Waldorf for a benefit, http://www.zappos.com/la-canadienne-ramona-brown-leather, http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=505028&CategoryID=21312, http://www.zappos.com/sofft-frederica-black-velvet-sheep-nappa, http://www.aerosoles.com/product1.asp?P=RIDELINE, http://www.6pm.com/franco-sarto-ozark-black-roble-calf, http://www.zappos.com/merrell-spire-peak-waterproof-black-leather. (Coffee Break): Best Cyber Monday Sales on Investment Wardrobe Essentials for Work, Cyber Monday Sales on Stores with Gift Ideas. Also, if I think of it, I put a sheet of Bounce (unscented) IN my hat if I wear one. Hang blankets on cold walls or windows for extra insulation. I’ll basically curl up into the fetal position while sucking my thumb and quietly rocking back and forth like a new born baby. A chic, Levi’s, faux fur lined parka, with extra faux fur around the hood that helps give this jacket a more stylish feel. And yes, these are puddles that you’ll, unfortunately, just have to trudge through if you want to walk anywhere in NYC. Let’s keep it NYC level real up in here, shall we? Then run your hands over your hair. If you’re traveling to NYC this winter, then I’d highly recommend ditching your sneakers (and heels of any sort) and grabbing a pair of these tall, waterproof riding boots instead. This bag comes in a variety of colors and patterns that are sure to appeal to even the quirkiest of travelers (and yes, I am totally referring to myself). I would avoid kitten heels like the plague. You’ll almost certainly be taking taxis, and the sidewalks where any global financial firm is located will likely be shoveled quickly. Don’t forget to pack a decent pair of headphones, which is the only socially acceptable way to ignore people who try and talk to you. I personally prefer ear warmers, but a hat is great too. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, some are actually way bigger than others. Today I’m sharing the top five “boring” winter essentials I can verify that every girl in the city owns. Some cities suit a season. Not only are they incredibly versatile, and easily paired with almost any top, coat, or pair of boots out there, but they’re also insanely practical since they’ll definitely keep you super snug and warm all day long! It’ll depend on your personality & position. And the answer is yes, pretty much everything in New York City will STILL stay open, even if there is a blizzard (unless it’s a super storm like Hurricane Sandy or that blizzard in ’95 where we got three feet of snow). And the amount of damage you’re likely to do to your boots in a week is not that bad as long as you’re careful where you step. So yeah, Manfrotto for the win!). And for that perfect, NYC winter ensemble: Just pair either of these sweater dresses with some thermal leggings, and an EXTRA high pair of waterproof boots, for an ultra-stylish outfit that will keep you warm all day long. And be sure that whatever shoes you bring you can walk for at least 10 blocks in – that’s standard “oh, lets just walk” distance here. I don’t live in NY but I just got back and since I’m from a warm country, thought you might like to know that the cold was pretty manageable (except the snowstorm days) in general. I’m interested to hear what the readers say on this one. Well, as a veritable maven of travel mishaps, I’m the type of person who would trip over an escaped tiger and plummet down the side of a cliff, and end up in a full body cast, after a casual stroll through Central Park. And because I care dear readers (I know, writing that kind of makes me want to vomit too but it really is true): I would never ever want any of you to experience the no good, rotten feeling of frigid, totally wet feet that just never seem to get warm. For example, go ice skating @ Rockefeller Center or in the Park; or go on the Staten Island Ferry. It’s not the most formal coat, but it’s not like I’m wearing a puffy kids’ down jacket, either. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. All 71 comments have been dually noted and will be used to help sort out my packing this evening. Temperatures of o degrees Fahrenheit, or lower, are definitely not unheard of. have this vintage, Indiana Jones-style about it, but it’s also made of water-resistant, ultra-durable material that can actually accommodate a wide variety of different cameras (You know, brands like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, etc.). Yup, it’s changing. They are waterproof and warm, and stylish enough for work. Kat’s hit the nail on the head – no need for a puffy coat, and please, wear the kitten heel boots instead of the wellies. Basically anything that can catch your heel & scrape it appears very frequently in NYC, and since you’ll be doing a lot more walking than usual (unless you cab it), this creates much more oportunity to scrape your heels & ruin your shoes. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. What’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this? One of the city’s greatest (and most colorful) events is the … Now if only my camera was that inexpensive! I go with a classic knit scarf since it not only keeps me warm but is also a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. The mean temperature for the state in January is 27° F / -3° C, and July tends to be the hottest month with a mean temperature of 70° F / 21°C. The look is sharper and more professional, they’re more comfortable because they’re less bulky, and they’re just as warm. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. So do people simply not spend time outside? Covering the Bases is a fashion and travel blog based in New York City. I essentially want to be bold, stylish AND practical. Weather can be downright mild. I am looking to buy a pair of boots… I am having a hard time finding what I want…. They fit my wimpy calves, too. It is beyond imperative that you add an awesome pair of Timberland boots to your NYC winter packing list. Buy these shoes and you too can avoid the horror of slipping down several flights of stairs as you descend into NYC’s iconic subway. And are, thankfully, replacing them with this insanely soft, posh AF, cashmere sweater, which comes in a wide selection of colors that are easy to wear with a snazzy pair of leggings. Also, you should always walk closer to the buildings than the curb. Some other electronics that you might want to pack include a tablet with a keyboard, a lightweight laptop, and an e-reader, like a Kindle. Discussing the finer points of toiletry packing doesn’t exactly make me want to frolic around ecstatic, jubliation. 5. I want black/leather preferrably. If you’re planning to do some carry on only travel to NYC, then definitely opt for the larger of the two bags. I don’t think that should change what you bring, but it’s worth knowing in advance. 1. It costs just $16, which is the perfect price for a bag that will only ever see the inside of your bathroom. I always wear my down coat too. I wear cloches all the time, and adore them. Haha, yes, throwing away shoes just because of walking in NYC streets would be verrry expensive. Love NYC, love the people and the energy of the city. I have been in NYC many, many times and have never been in a subway station that didn’t have puddles of black oily water, stinking sewage, vomit, urine or unknown nastiness somewhere – usually right at the base of the subway stairs, so you have to walk through it to get where you’re going.