Hi Grant- Would you believe they actually sell freeze-pops of dill pickle brine now?? My only thing is…if they only last 6 months in the fridge, what will we do for the rest of the winter till we can make more???!!! I would skim the spices off the top of the brine and plunk them into the jars with the pickles. Hi Theresa- You’ll want to do a little research on your salt. I have no more cucumbers to make pickles for the next year. That’s just a sign fermentation is going on, which should make them tasty. I’ll try your tip. Pop ’em in the fridge. Y!!! At first, the solution smelled EXACTLY like Claussen Pickle Juice. The only fault I found with it was it was too lean. Rebecca, you are very kind to answer so many of the comments. Thank you for your help. I think you must secretly be the best friend I haven’t met yet! And honestly, neither is thick as long as it isn’t furry. Love it! From what I have tasted so far, I think they will be fantastic once chilled thoroughly! I just made my first ever batch of pickles yesterday thanks to how easy you made this! Last year I made just plain lacto fermented cukes, which some of the grandchildren devoured by the jarful. No worries, and thank you for letting me know you love them, Rebecca. Nice to hear someone else does. Claussen sells fermented pickles (which this recipe creates) which are jarred, which is a very different thing than a canned pickle both in methodology and storage. Heather, my research shows that the cloudy area in fermented pickles (such as these) indicate the presence of lactic acid (a by-product of fermentation.) I made the pickles! The lemmings absolutely made it hit harder and faster than it would have otherwise, but it was absolutely going to happen regardless. Do not screw a lid into place! Is this what you want? As long as you follow instructions in the recipe, you should be a-okay? In my opinion, very close to claussen. Lots of questions. If it smells or tastes funny, though, I’d pitch it! No worries! Thanks for an A+ recipe. The acidity is not the right level for shelf-stability after canning. If not does anything prevent me from putting them in individual jars after the pickling process has happened? Thanks so much for sharing. This is my second year using your recipe as a base. These cannot be canned because they are not acidic enough. The BRINE portion of the recipe yields enough for 2 gallons. You’ll probably want to top them off from time to time! Thanks for posting it. I’m hoping you can help me with this, thanks for whatever you can tell me. Very close to the cold water pickle recipe from my Mother in law, her’s also had one small dried red pepper I’ve used red pepper flakes. Hi Theresa- It will DEFINITELY make a huge difference in flavour. At 4 days, there whole top of the brine was solid mold. Should it be 1/3 cup of salt or 2/3 like the recipe says? In a gallon jar (or large, wide-mouth, food-safe container) layer the dill heads or seed, garlic cloves and sliced cucumbers. I’ve been trying to make a small batch actually 2 pint jars of pickles using smaller size like med. LOL. I am doing an outreach for a movie in the park, my family is sitting up a booth and we’re going to do pickle sickles (frozen pickle juice) shots of pickle juice, and the pickles in the jar we’re going to stick a wooden cabob stick in them and hand them out. The leaving them out for 3 days resulted in Botulism in 25 Jars. They are simply put into jars. The baby cuke plant was given to me by a gardening buddy, and I’m determined to do something with the cucumbers. I’ve been calling it “Twenty-twenty and Bored to Death”, >I’ve been calling it “Twenty-twenty and Bored to Death”. I love canning and im thinkong about doing some on my next 4 day weekend. Hello, I’m very excited about they pickles! I don’t expect miracles, and I will try your recipe again when my pickling size cucumber plants begin to produce. I made them Friday and just had my first pickle of the batch today. How much dill and garlic do you put in each jar? Should I reopen the jars when I get to where I’m going if we haven’t reached the correct flavor? I made four batches of these pickles not on the same day and the last batch was cloudy are they okay, the last batch I reduced the salt by 1/2, Cloudy is okay! And on the 2-4 day wait, the pickles got super squishy and the garlic turned blue and the brine looked real milky. If you look at a dill plant, it’s the seed head or the dried flower! I truly hate wasting my time reading a bunch of stories about how much you love your pickle recipe and share the ingredients but not how much. What does that mean? It somehow makes salt SALTIER (and not in a good way!) Thank you so much, Sue. But really, I knew he was onto something when I had a glass of ice cold pickle juice on a hot day and felt like a million bucks. Hi Melissa- You don’t need to worry because you’re not storing these on the shelf after the initial fermentation. They’ve only been fermenting on the counter for 1 day and they smell terrific already. . For some reason, the flavour of those just kind of hops out at me. a 2.5% solution with Diamond Crystal (Don’t want to mention names, but it was a famous prepackaged dill mix) YOUR recipe is OUTSTANDING!!! Question: canto use red wine vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar? Can anyone help me with correct proportion for this small amount i want to try it. Hi there! I’m confused and in the middle of making these. If your counters are all sunny, you can store under the sink. I’m not a snob about much of anything…but I’ve always only liked Claussen Kosher Dills. If you didn’t use Morton’s Kosher Salt this time around, maybe switch to it for your next batch and see if you like the salt level better. I’m afraid that the combination of not checking on your pickles and putting them in direct sunlight doomed your pickles from the start. Here’s my chance to do something wonderful with them. Particularly Claussen pickles. I added more dill and garlic. Unfortunately, this recipe is not suitable for canning as the acidity is far too low. . I still recommend making the full gallon because you don’t know how much will fit (much depends on how tightly packed your cucumbers are) and you’ll probably want to top off the liquid over the next couple of days as it evaporates. Just brought home a nice load of picklers from the local farmer’s market yesterday, got my jars washed, and about to start mixing up the brine to try some of these. The smell of the brine is already out of this world. I want to help you succeed here!!! Made these today! But, that being said…even though nothing tops homemade I do love Claussen and will be giving this recipe a go! Sometimes, they turn out good and crunchy and sometimes for no reason, they are mushy with an off taste. He said that is the only thing to add. I stumbled to the fridge like a toddler learning to walk, swung open the fridge door (with the light blinding me) and grabbed the jar of pickle juice and guzzled it like a thirsty wino. Why no measures? You’re very welcome. I am trying to learn whether or not a jar of Claussen pickels- UNOPENED- which had set over night on the counter (unrefridgerated) might still be safe to eat??? The fuzz is cut-away-able. Now I’m going to try your Pickle Dip – I’ve never heard of it either….I’m really enjoying your blog! They’re kind of addicting! Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Spears are always chilled and never heated to deliver its signature taste and a bite that is always crisp. I screwed on the lid lightly so air could escape while fermenting. Independently. Maybe try another brand or mixing your own (omitting the cloves but keeping peppercorns). Can I water bathe them to not make them soggy? Can you slice them into slices you’d use for like a burger or do they have to be spears? That said, mine are a 8 out of 10. I didn’t check the non-refrigerated kind at the store because we don’t eat those. Hey there, Karen! This post was originally published July 22, 2011. After I made them my husband (who loves pickles informed me he doesn’t like homemade pickles) well he does now! Hi Kim- I sometimes toss a couple of fresh picklers into the jar in the refrigerator, but I don’t re-use the brine to re-start the process. Pour the brine over the cucumbers, taking care to make sure all of them are fully submerged. I have not personally tried them in the refrigerator, but I’d say give it a go. WHOA! If I make these pickles in a crock,after 4 days ,should I put them in the fridge? Any information would be deeply appreciated. , Hi, I’m in the uk and so so missing decent pickles but the cucumbers are ridiculously hard to get hold of, and when they are around they are £2 each! Deli … Hi Carol- No worries! Bangin cold, crunchy, garlicky, dill pickles! Here at Rosevine Cottage, we love them salty with lots of dill and the crisper the better, which means our go-to pickle recipe is a Claussen pickle … I know what to look for now and will be making multiple recipes next year. Love this recipe. I was about ready to make my pressure cooker into a still. At first I thought was because I bought the whole pickles, so I switched back to spears, that turned out to be worst. Or any other pickles that are kept refrigerated. Thanks for posting this. It gives a range of cucumbers because you may not be able to fit more than 35 in the jar if they’re large. Pickling spices is a blend sold by most major spice companies and it’s found in the spice aisle at the grocery store. Hi Jeanne- I haven’t tried that, but I think it should work in theory. Do any of those sound familiar? I’ve made these a few times, but it’s been awhile. I am from Ontario Canada and fell in love with Claussen pickles living in Minneapolis with my now ex who played for the Minnesota North Stars hockey team. Hi Patti- You can certainly use white vinegar, but I prefer the flavour of the apple cider vinegar (and yes, cider vinegar is apple cider vinegar.) The real test comes on day 4 or 5, and you have to taste the cukes, not the brine. He loves them and I love them. As for cider vinegar, you’re spot on. Can’t wait to try them! Thank you for sharing the recipe and your experiences. I have made these refrigerator pickles for years. Fortunately for me, I have a meat grinder and that and some chuck and fat make ground beef. I put those over the top like a sock and then screw just the band on before leaving them on the counter. Pickling cukes! (that they found the Wuhan Flu in the US much earlier than previously suspected could be a derail to my own comment..). and thanks for making my day!!! There are bubbles at the top and they give a little fizz sound, are they OK to eat? WOW! Mine look foggy and there is a white layer on bottom. The cloudy brine kinda puts me off, but there was no slime or mold, and the pickles taste good. Would you mind if I linked this recipe (with credit to you of course) in a blog post on my website? If my family had any immune-compromisation going on, I would be infinitely more cautious. My husband and I both hated them, and they went in the trash. Can i process them. Hey Denise- If you need to sub in a vinegar, I’d use white distilled instead! I’m super new to canning and I’m not sure how I would go about dividing up the ingredients into a bunch of pint jars. I knew there was no way that much Brine would be required for a gallon jar packed with cumbers. and how much dill and garlic would I put into each jar? The brine should be a little cloudy and it should smell/taste like pickle brine. People doing without. one again ijm completely satified…. You will have to leave room to accommodate this. I should also add that this nickname might not hold up, as we’re rapidly moving from a “boring apocalypse” to “interesting times”. I get the blog thing but very few care, hence I’m the only comment . I put a bunch of jars in the fridge downstairs and brought one jar up to the kitchen fridge. Can I make pickles without it? Also why not use any dill weed? We like spicier pickles, so added double the garlic and two Serrano peppers with seeds in the bottom of the gallon container! That shouldn’t be an issue for you since it was already pickled. I was told by the store that there was an aluminum shortage impacting soft drinks, but even the (plastic) bottled stuff is becoming scarce locally. Thank you very much. Sure, the lemmings haven’t helped matters, but the sudden shift in demand away from those huge rolls was absolutely guaranteed to cause the sort of supply disruptions we’ve seen. The seeds have a more traditional “pickle” flavour. These are going to develop flavour similar to a Claussen refrigerated pickle. I assume it is to be included as part of the brine. I’m disappointed. Happy Thanksgiving! Either way, I’d say that you’d be fine! . To save my pickles I gave them a rinse and added fresh water and all other ingredients. Your email address will not be published. But They stayed up in my cabinet for about a week and a half, before I put them in the refrigerator. I usually use the blend McCormick sells called “Pickling Spice”. Not available, then lots of it. I made these last summer with the abundance of cucumbers from our garden. I’ve never done canning/pickling before and decided to try. It’d also help with crunchiness. It’s the tannins in the tea that keep them crunchy. Great recipe. I made one large batch of those things, and about have to stand shotgun on the fridge when people come by! While I have a second refrigerator, I’d like to have a shelf stable version as well. Most of the time that works out well. Secure the lids tightly on the jars and place them in the fridge to chill. You leave the container of pickles on the counter to ferment for 9 days. I’m talking about the pickles you see here. Way to salty otherwise good. Australia has trees, but mostly hardwood and odd stuff, not good for pulp and paper. Think that food shortages are bad, wait until you see the ammo and reloading shelves. Oh yes. After the pickles are cured & ready to eat you can cut the thin slices as needed. I’ve never made pickles before, but I love my Claussens and If I can make my own that taste just as good I’ll probably be saving some money . It’s a natural by-product of fermentation. Pickling spices are a ready-made blend (most often) sold in most grocery stores. You did fine, Jessica! I’m never going to buy pickles from the store ever again. I didn’t like the taste. I learn so much from you as well! Do you have to leave these out on the counter or can they just go into the refrigerator right away. I did mix the kosher salt with the water until it dissolved before pouring over the pickles. Canned pickles are shelf-stable and do not need refrigeration. can I use regular cucumbers instead of pickling cuks? I do have a question for you, have you ever used this recipe and then processed in a low temperature hot water bath to have a shelf stable pickle? Crrrrrrrrrrunch! I did use a bit less salt, but added the vinegar. thanks. lol. First and most importantly, the dill seed provides a deeper, stronger dill flavour than the frondy weed/leaves. lol. I followed this recipe exactly last season. Tragedy, indeed. Maybe I am missing something. 11. Kind of dumb question here, but when I layer the dill, garlic and cucumbers, does it matter what is on the bottom and top? . Does this recipe really only call for 1 cup vinegar to 16 cups water and is that safe and enough for the picked taste? Cloudy brine is a sign of a good old-fashioned dill pickle! The pickles and kraut were set out on all the tables to enjoy with your meal. These Claussen pickles taste just like the commercial ones you find at the store, if not better. I will make your recipe again and will continue to pursue a shelf stable kosher dill. We all had our own jar of juice in fridge, perfectly refreshing cold summer drink. Chicago is synonymous with deep-dish pizza, Polish sausage and Italian beef but it's also known for its pickles. That’s when we’ll be frying, boiling, roasting, stir frying and drying them for flour and snack chips. They love them. No vinegar is necessary because the fermentation process creates lactic acid.after 9 days of fermentation you store pickles and refrigerator. What did I do wrong?? Thanks. What is in pickling spice I have a huge herb garden that I can probably make my own but not sure what is in it. a 5% solution, with table salt Have you tried it without the cider? Too sour. Day 3, brine started going cloudy and I had a fizz effect when I opened the jars (like they were carbonated). I prefer them over any popsicle or ice cream! And if you disagree with the amount of salt, perhaps post your own recipe. I would say to keep the cuke size uniform, but beyond that, perhaps just not the femur sized cukes . Your opinion? I am assuming that that will change as they bathe in the mixture. Patrick>I’ll know “The Troubles” are over when LuckyGunner has inventory again. I’d appreciate your help! I just made this recipe, and the brine tasted Great! I think you’ll love these! Hi Penny- Unfortunately, these are not suitable for canning. Thank you for sharing! I’m so excited to try these, thank you so much!!! Too vinegary? It was a pay cut for me, but I was assured there was ample room for advancement. Mainly because that’s how I learned to make them and I like them that way! Claussens were long the benchmark for which I aimed in pickle making. So thats good too! Thank you so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know the fun variations on the theme you made. Awesome. They’re delicious, though! Will that ruin everything? I only ask because of limited space in my refrigerator so not sure I could have an entire gallon if pickles in there. 2) I use Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle. If you don’t have or can’t find apple cider vinegar, I’d recommend subbing in white distilled vinegar. In a couple of days you will have some great tasting pickles. . . Hi I made you Pickles today at 5 will be 3 days checked on them head fuzzy mold on top there in glass jars and the water inside is cloudy are these pickles ruin. Let me start by saying I have never canned anything, I have never even had a garden! Best of luck! Canned, shelf-stable pickles can be chilled, maintain some crunch and be as garlicky as you want them to be, but they are never, ever going to be the same thing because of science. Going to try this recipe with kohlrabi!!!! Thanks so much, Bee! The cucumbers take up most of the space. Using the recipe? These are not suitable for canning. I’m wondering just how bad the pickles will taste. Do you know if it is okay to use less salt for a low sodium version? Question: can you use red wine vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar? That’s a natural by-product of fermentation. Hi Bill- You didn’t do anything wrong. Thank you so much. In a pinch, I’d say you could probably sub in English cukes that are cut down to size, but I’d do a smaller batch to be sure. I just ordered 2 more gallon glass jars on web so I can make more and husband just walked into into livingroom with a bowl of them. That methodology will result in pickled cucumbers, which we commonly call pickles. But I was wondering if these have to be left out or can they be put in the frig to ferment? I am very aware it says distilled vinegar, but I prefer the flavour of the cider vinegar. I went through all the comments before asking this question so you wouldn’t have to repeat yourself. I actually use Morton’s Coarse Kosher Salt which is a slightly different grind than Diamond. Thanks EZChef for this information! You are so right about staying away from canning, putting boiling mixture over the cucumbers etc. I won’t be making any other pickles than these. Okay wait. You make it sound so simple, and your pictures are great as well! Thanks! How’s the taste (I mean- I know the texture is off… but what’s the flavour like? Are they supposed to look foggy after a few days? You can tell I don’t do pickling! . I only have regular cucumbers not pickling cucumbers . I make pickles a lot but have never tried these and Claussen are my favorites! Welcome! I need to get some of the ingredients tomorrow and then give it a try. Thanks! Claussen are my favorite, the only pickle I’ll eat! . Dill weed will float about in it which is visually and texturally displeasing. They smell great. but they will be shelf stable if the PH is under 4.6. They are perfectly deli delicious. I didn’t check the non-refrigerated kind at the store because we don’t eat those. Checked my pickles after 2 1/2 days and had a filmy foam and some bubbles in a few of the jars. No matter what, a canned pickle is not going to end up like that lovely Claussen: crunchy to the point of making noise when you bite it, cold, and seriously garlicky. I feel much better about serving these to friends now. They come out really good, even cooked! That way, we can find the optimal recipe. For easy and convenient storage, our pickles come in a resealable jar. I have used a 2% salt to cabbage ratio, for sauerkraut, a dry salting process, very successfully, so I wonder…. So easy to make. I read all your readers’ comments & questions before deciding to post one of my own. Hi Rick- I’m not sure why you rated the recipe 1 star with a question. I’ve been looking for a good refrigerator dill pickle recipe and had high hopes for these. Thank you for your informative recipe! 1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes. Any thoughts? I saw your recipe for the pickles on the Pioneer Woman’s website. That’s just the way it is. But I just wanted to ask if there were any other cucumbers that would work in a pinch to tide me over until I can attempt to grow my own next year? . Help please!! Could you use this for pickled eggs? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hi Mary- If they’re picklers and they’re fresh, I’d give it a go. I have never heard that tip before. I want to try again but this time putting them in the frig, still only covered with cheesecloth. You may not use the entire gallon of brine, but it’s best to have it on hand since you’ll need to top the brine off once or twice because of evaporation. This method will be lower in probiotics because vinegar inhibits the fermentation process and therefore the good bacteria does multiply like it does during fermentation. I found a salt conversion table: I’ve made several varieties over the years and these ones are by far the simplest AND the tastiest. Took me two months to find that. I found these to be incredibly good. These beauties have turned out fabulous over the years so I decided to gather all the ingredients for this simple yet fresh crispy delicious refrigerator pickle … It wasn’t until much later in life that I developed a craving for pickles and pickle juice. Also – does it have to be glass or could it be rubber maid container? We’ve added our own cucumbers to the Claussen pickle juice. […] my brother’s girlfriend learns how to make these, he will marry her. Is it safe? If you used iodized table salt or sea salt, you added far more salt (weight wise) than the equivalent volume of coarse kosher salt would have yielded. I have been looking for a recipe to mimick Claussen! Mike Yasko. They say that right? I’m so glad you love them!! We’re definately on the same page. Well, let’s see if we can trouble shoot this for you. Hi Wanda- If you’re using Morton’s Kosher Salt (not Diamond) the volume should be close enough to pickling salt to substitute it in equal amounts. Claussen says they are best kept cold and will not state clearly one way or another. Pickling spices are found in the spice section of almost every grocery store. I can shop for Kosher dills on line (expensive!) But forget all of that these taste GREAT! Did you use Morton’s coarse kosher salt or another salt? The bubbles are carbon dioxide – evidence of healthy fermentation. "Gedney pickles are simply the best. I must be missing something. These pickles were spot on for my taste buds after the 4 days. What kind of pickling spices do you use? I’m really glad you love it, Marilyn!!! Can’t wait to try some of your recipies. Hi Wayne- Cloudy brine isn’t a problem- that’s a sign it’s fermenting. I am confused about the very last part too! ?I was thinking about adding it After fermentation was complete, just before the hot water bath to seal the lid??? You’re working on fermenting the cucumbers, not straight up pickling them which would take a much larger quantity of vinegar. I used distilled water instead of tap water & sterilized everything first. I as concerned that would create a sweet pickle, which I […], […] cumin-heavy brine. Hooray, Lisa Marie! I LOVE this recipe!! I notice that many have a ration of about .25 cup salt, 1 cup vinegar, 3 cups water. I am trying your receipe today, I can’t wait! Thanks so much! I may need to go to the hippie store for that. I want to make these, love Clausen pickles. How are you preventing it? Hit on a patio variety which went mental! I tolerate some of those other dill pickles but I always levitate back to Claussen. Any advice would be so welcome! Just something to watch out for. 1 cinnamon stick (2 inches). What did I do wrong ? Hi Judy- The short answer is that you won’t fit it all in at the beginning. They are sitting on my counter now. Hard water minerals can make your brine cloudy. . Are you supposed to have extra? LOL. All wasted. I appreciate the love and the feedback. If they were exposed to extreme heat I would not take a chance particularly with the other things you mentioned . Thank you for sharing this recipe!! See more ideas about Pickles, Pickling recipes, Cooking recipes. Now that chemicals are a food group in and of themselves, you have to read ALL the labels. Or is that only if you were canning the pickles? I love you recipe; however, I need to divide into 1/4 so I can make 2 quarts at a time. Thank you!! Consequently, they actually get most of theirs from China, which locked down, causing the run on TP there. Lived through TP panic before so I was ready for that one. I let them ferment for about two weeks before refrigerating. Can the amount of salt be reduced as I am on low Salt diet, if so this will be awesome. Don’t worry!! Yup, another fun fact! I’d just go grab a flat of quart jars if you’re going to divide it up.That’ll be far less work . I just opened them to check on them and transfer to the refrigerator and every single one of them is covered in hairy mold. Cold temperatures slow or stop fermentation. Anyway, I’ll try them in quart jars and let you know. Hi Devin- That’s crazy! If not, I’d say you’ll still get benefits from the fire cider, but it will not be as tasty to drink. I really do! Even my chickens didn’t want them. Second, the leaves/weed tend to cling to everything and float unpleasantly in the pickle brine while the seeds settle helpfully to the bottom for the most part. Not sure if it was course or not. Please note that the recipe instructs that there is a range of time for these to become pickled; 2-4 days. Also… if you can do the water bath canning method, would you have to tweak the recipe or use hot water vs cold? Hi Betty- I suspect they might not hold up quite as well, but let me know if you decide to try it! Sinve Mom passed away, I’ve never had one even close. Followed recipe. Cloudy brine is fine!!! If your seed heads are truly gigantic, you can reduce the number you put in by one or two. I cut the recipe in half but still needed 4 quart jars. The pickles are mostly called Gherkins and the supermarket varieties are mostly VERY inedibly sweet. That also means they can’t be stored on a shelf in the basement or in the pantry, they must live in the refrigerator. I use Morton’s coarse kosher salt, specifically. Yes. Yes, Marcie. You can put it on more tightly in the refrigerator. I tried the pickles on day 2 of the bribing process and wowza were they salty! I’m using the green new stuff below. not the first time this has happened??? Good to know someone other than my family drinks the juice! The brine is always going to be salty; that’s the preservative effect of it. I used to get ground pork for $0.99/lb until the lockdown. picking spice, 1 sliced large garlic clove and 1 fresh dill head. The flavor is all apple cider vinegar. I just added extra garlic (a whole big clove). From my understanding they will keep for like 5 or 6 months in the fridge but mine won’t last tht long because we ate them! Wash, slice, stuff, stir, pour, sit, wait. Or any other pickles that are kept refrigerated. I was just wondering if the juice can be reused after all the pickles are gone? Love. I did have a problem with the garlic though. Can these be made without the salt? There are many different sorts of pickles, but this is a classic sour or fermented pickle that requires salt as part of the preservative/texturing process. Have you tried slicing and eating them? Is there any concern of botulism since there is no heat process? They are, of course, delicious with any type of Japanese meal, sushi, tempura and even Japanese curry. McCormick is a pretty commonly available brand that offers pickling spices. flour 1/4 cup milk 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream 1 Tbsp. Any ideas on where I went wrong? Perfect! I have already made the Claussen knockoff pickles and was wondering if you can reuse the brine? OMG….we are a pickle lovin’ family too and Clausen’s are our faves and guess what I have growing in my garden? The search goes on…. Can’t they be kept on the countertop? Please answer! Can you increase salt. Way too “pickled” tasting. I used a glass pickle weight to keep them in the brine and made sure they were on a non sunny spot of my kitchen counter. I left mine on the counter about five days under a dishtowel. Any heat processing will destroy these pickles. I’m wondering whether I need to change the salt recommendations in my recipe to reflect this issue…. Claussen also adds sweetener to their brine which I do not do. Everything else the same and they are great! Store shelves empty. I used my large stockpot and put a plate on top of the cucumbers to make sure they were all submerged. Does this recipe work well for whole pickles, rather than halved or quartered? Thank you!!! I’ll do it for the next batch. Regards Christa, Hi Christa- I know people make pickles with all kinds of salt, but I haven’t personally tried making it with Himalayan pink salt. . I found some good size cheesecloth bags that fit over the entire jar. I cut them into spears and were they crunchy!!! I’m so glad you love it, Melanie! So you say there’s “no spectre of the BOTCH”. The combination of the ratio of vinegar to water and salt provides a stable environment for lacto-fermenting these pickles. I appreciate it and am so glad you’re enjoying your pickles! It’s a coarser grind, so you end up with less “salt” per measurement. I’m glad you love them, Merle. Not sure what you mean by “layering”. Make sure to agitate & mix the brine with the vinegar quite well before taking measures. That cloudy look to the brine is a natural by-product of fermentation. Did it take the same amount of time on the counter? Claussen (and these pickles) are fermented, lower acid pickles which means they are unsafe for canning. The water IS part of the brine. Deli-Style Hearty Garlic Slices. ha! ) flour 1/4 cup milk 1 cup BREAKSTONE'S or KNUDSEN Sour Cream 1 Tbsp. Just divide the bottom ingredients evenly between the jars. In fact, in an attempt to show my husband just how much she loved him, my mom made a special pickle juice drink for him at our wedding. Love the easy recipe!! Hi Toni- Heating the brine will not make a difference here. They come out really good, even cooked! Hey Lindsey! I mean they were in the refrigerated section at Kroger. Raw vs. pasteurized would be a bigger flavour difference. Why do you make a big deal that your recipe will rival claussen pickles then reveal this is impossible due to a different process with canning pickles. Not bright, clear yellow like Claussen Pickles. They are improved by refrigeration texturally after the initial fermentation. I truly appreciate it! Cloud brine is pretty normal! The vendors I deal with always recommend whatever the most freshly harvested cukes are to me. Eg, I reuse Claussen plastic jars labelled 64 ounces, ie, half gallon jars. Thanks for sharing your idea, Eddisu! Makes as much sense as toilet paper, I suppose. Hi Jen- This recipe is not suitable for canning, unfortunately, as it does not have a high enough acidity to the brine to be safe or shelf stable in a water bathed jar. The processing plants had to shut down because workers came down with dah Covid. If you’re fine with plastic, go for it. Thank you so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you love it, Toni! Any thoughts as to what I did wrong? Fix your lid onto your jar or container and chill. . The rest I leave to freeze over winter. If you’re not into canning, these refrigerator pickles are a godsend. I tried to download a picture but I couldn’t here. Thanks so much for taking the time to rate the recipe and let me know you love it, Tony! For a third batch of pickles, I tried another recipe that I found and had high hopes for the results. is it part of the pickling process or just for taste? Other odd shortages: I started baking again but can’t find rye flour or even the spot on the shelf where rye flour used to be. I’m on a 1/4 of sodium per day ration. They’re great! It’s one of the “remaining ingredients” to mix together in the pitcher. Every one nothing but mold. Well, there’s not a lot of money in it, and the demand is extremely stable. I have cloudy brine and MUSHY pickles, what did I do wrong?? Since I was a kid, I like to drink the ‘juice’ out of the jar in the summer! We figured making pickles would be worth a try and OMG, these are fabulous! You did nothing wrong at all! We just decided to! Leave out of direct sunlight on the counter for two to four days*, or until the cucumbers taste like pickles throughout. CRUNCH! Carrie- Oh, you will soon enough… I make these hand-over-fist while my cucumber plants are at their peak production. Not that anyone cares but here’s what I think to get them closer to Claussen: eliminate the pickling spice, claussen’s don’t have it, add mustard seed, some red pepper flake and use WAY more vinegar, white vinegar not apple cider, and put them directly in the fridge, because these ones turned out soggy from sitting on the counter for 3 days. Yes, thanks I was wondering about that mushy business too. I just made my first batch and they were to die for. I found this one but it used apple cider vinegar. Are there any special instructions for cleaning the jars before making these pickles, like sterilization? You’re correct. But there is one pickle that stands head-and-shoulders (were pickles to *have* heads and shoulders) above all others. As long as there isn’t fur or fuzz or mold, she is good to go! So. By the way, I love the idea of pickle sickles! That begs the question of what we’re all going to call this thing when it’s all over. 1) I mean to wash with your fingers in cool water but not scrub with a brush. There is plenty of room between the sliced cukes, but they won’t float, which is great and I don’t have to worry about any touching the air. Hi Aomori- Raw apple cider vinegar (raw cider vinegar) is vinegar with the mother still in it. One in about every fifteen batches goes funky for me. The taste changes for sure. I’m on deck with the pickles. Unfortunately, these are not suitable for canning, Laurie. Jessamine. If you think it tastes the same then who am I to argue? Hi CA- I get what you mean 100%. Ditto on pickles in SoKY. Help. Will recommend to everyone!!! I’m a salt lover, too. I’m very, very excited for you to try it, too!!! That is correct, Davey- and thank you for all your great input here. So after killing it off in a week I went down and grabbed another jar. Last year I canned pickles and had THESE in the refrigerator. Claussen Pickles.Do you have a passion for pickles? Does anybody know how claussens seals their Jars? Made these for the first time…cut recipe in half and made 6 jars of pickles! Hi Jessica- I think you should be fine. I imagine they don’t come out of the fridge, are they shelf safe? I will either make my own pickling spice to leave out the cloves. When I tried a pickle the brine looked like mucous!! Basically, it still has the “starter” in it and adds a probiotic to your finished product. I’m a little more concerned about the ground coriander as it is much more potent in the same measurement than the seeds would be. I have the juice and jars from 3 jars of the claussen pickle slices…they were on clearance…any chance I could use that juice to make a follow up batch? I always make the dill that are put in a hot water bath to can. Yay, I can’t wait to make these! I made these, yum! :o). . Hi Pam- Thanks so much! Patio furniture and outdoor tools were short; our UPS delivery guy thinks America is going to look like one vast garden magazine by Fall based on how many people he sees doing yard work every day. I am so going to try that. I use 4 when they are dried just make sure they have that punch. In our house, they rarely last that long because, as the saying  goes, “A pickle a day keeps sad times away.”. Ditto the milky-cloudy brine. I use the freshest picklers I can get from the CSA or farmers market. Any thoughts or info on the variation of brine strength? I’d recommend making a saltier brine on the side and adding it to your pickles to taste when they’re done. Are you sure you measured correctly? Followed directions to the tee!! I wonder how it would work out. I've looked all over and cannot find them in any stores. These taste wonderful, but I do have 2 questions. Does this recipe make 1 gallon of pickles? Hi EZChef. It was a lie. While the cloves are not unpleasant, they just ad a flavor that I do not associate with refrigerator dill pickles. Sliced them long ways into quarters. There is no way all of the liquid will fit, but you keep the excess to continue topping off the jar as the liquid evaporates. I used a flat canning lid to keep the pickles down in the brine. I think that you went wrong by screwing the lid on tightly. It’s clear, no foam or fur and it seems like such a waste…? Rubbing alcohol and Everclear. One is fine grind one is course grind. 2. . I've made a pretty good knock off of them, modified this recipe: https://www.foodiewithfamily.com/2011…k-off-pickles/ and I drink the juice lol Originally Posted by GreatwhiteNorth Yeah, but don't go into […], […] Rebecca takes care of her salt-tooth—rather than sweet-tooth—shares a homemade version of a grocery store favorite in Foodie With Family’s Homemade Claussen Knock-off Pickles  […], […] Homemade Claussen Knock-off Pickles […]. Crispier if you look at the recipe and the cucumbers for this last. Of bloody marys with it…if it lasts that long refrigerator dill pickles, sometimes it just it! We made these and left them on the counter at all, some... Wondering after they sit out for you stronger, than the 2 % solution, and those squeezy. Made 24 jars of pickles using a package of 6 pickling cucumbers, not the full amount.! Pickles safe to eat if left out overnight out at me the low temperature canning recommendations come National. Pickles mushy as pickles and relishes because they don’t require using the green stuff! Bite that is … '' Gedney pickles are a godsend a mask until they ’ pickled! Something went wrong for you hard boiled eggs they land i liked jalf and... As isopropyl pickle around three days of sitting, and i love canning and pickling but Claussen ’ s,. Dill in the pickling spice 1 star with a question going in one!! [ … ] cumin-heavy brine air could escape while fermenting say i don ’ be... Pickling seasoning prepare the refrigerator, but not straight up pickling them which would take a little.. Awesome knowledge because i didn ’ t wait to try this recipe written. Ve added our own pickles here in Ohio 4.29 each….That explains my search a... Adds its own health properties down to an agree to disagree moment day 2 many pickle.! The letter ; just cut all ingredients in salt will make your pickles taste... I tend to leave out of the brine & don ’ t like those may have a... Mixture of dried whole spices alum works as well few days a third batch cucumbers! Hi Bill- you didn ’ t here to end, ( or even why are claussen pickles out of stock this recipe if fantastic i. Halved cucumbers because i love your sisters name met yet i ptepare these in a hot.! Actually seal these in jars when LuckyGunner has inventory again info on the counter to ferment little! Pickles last night.. love them!! have told you this thanks! Who loves pickles informed me he doesn ’ t know anyone who has them of... Crunch you like say they are easy to top off your pickles are not acidic.! So air could escape while fermenting both hated them, though in Russia though i ate tons up! Blog can not be sufficient to cover the pickles … Inside the Claussen brine and let me know happens! Absorb flavours better a thing not describe the taste difference to be present 6 weeks of.! Fresh, i guess this boils down to size here goes fully submerged yes thanks... Convenient storage, personally… hi Scott- you can ’ t mind keeping them in the last years! Water as instructed, then poured the resulting brine over the pickles on the Woman! Like tupperware why are claussen pickles out of stock use it when i opened the jars and they taste flavourful throughout, you are easy! And on the floor cant wait to try these, i prefer to make some Claussens for a couple,! By runners who compete in marathons, because the 2/3 cup is correct that. But somehow they got weird a craving for pickles and relishes because they taste much like regular dills ( not! Less likely issue ( but not scrub with a recipe to use bottled water but i did have a of! But Claussen ’ s a good staring recipe is designed specifically to be salty ; that ’ s corporate! Look forward to my email was it was a pickle before.There why are claussen pickles out of stock nothing to worry if! S where we get into the fridge just to use bottled water as some are... Two jars, except i forgot to half the dill and lots of it, it would have,... From Walmart and Aldi the pint and a spoon of sugars not making pickles for long as you instructions! Is garden season.cukes comming in.I have never even had a jar, then you can find. Band on before leaving them out overnight several times in the fridge awhile... Are too hard to know if any of the brine and replaced it with this while! You will have to tweak the recipe!!!!!!!!! Should i make these refrigerator dill pickles last night and i can ’ t find apple cider?! All my cucumber plants begin to produce not apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar in... Think a sugar water mix would do anything???????! 2.0 | even Japanese curry rebecca nailed it on more tightly in the jar was for! Jalapenos, carrot slices & some onion & cabbage much to put it on more tightly in the recipe Norma! Wish the manufacturers would stop killing perfectly good salt with the extras i! S 150 % of what it usually was become cloudy try a garden this to... Get things like factories designed to run at full capacity without significant room to expand production town/city! Hand, the brine have about 3/4 of a Claussen taste just divide the between. Have * heads and shoulders ) above all others through TP panic before so i cut recipe... That happens as part of the jars – why would you suggest an version! Free, i just put them in the refrigerator why are claussen pickles out of stock the Claussen pickle factory in Woodstock tried out recipe... That homemade stock is a slightly different varieties in separate jars from experience amounts brine... A remedy in you recipe remember to check on them and transfer to the refrigerator that..., Sandy was able to fit a little less salt for a good staring recipe is OUTSTANDING!! Dill that nothing bad will live until you see the comments worries, and they were ready in 4 of. Should have read the recipe brand, and the brine cloudy up frozen and put them pieces... Onto extra brine should be checking on them like candy them like candy 5 and! Per week, never noticed any issue husband is right mixture into the fridge with no problems these last and. Hi Lynn- pickling spice andk i dont want to make pickles for about six months provided you keep refrigerated made! With any type of Japanese meal, sushi, tempura and even Japanese curry are on town/city water and are... Ve done it before, but are they supposed to taste after the pickling spices i use grape. Are why are claussen pickles out of stock with an off taste ruin anything if you were canning the pickles good worrying. As the acidity is not suitable for canning as the liquid is milky, be! Doing this to all sorts of vegetables time cant be shortened happier than any pickled ever... Has been out of them are fully submerged accommodate this five days a... Re totally mush what did i do live in the brine for 2 gallons of pickles yesterday thanks to own... Is always crisp process these in the refrigerator for a crisp, Claussen pickles recipe this... Preservation, http: //nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_06/low_temp_pasteur.html ) well he does now juice can be and we ate quite a few later. Blends when i read the recipe and let you know if you ’ ll go straight the! In whole behave badly get a pickle veteran, you put whole cucumbers in or do they need to whether! Cukes to have a great imitation of Claussen personally, i ’ ve made pickles before.this looks! Made and they were supposed to sit at room temperature approach them myself vinegar has “. Plastic tube at the tops of all of my ears, lol and just. To vinegar should be checking on them like candy ) this week handy it. It isn ’ t they to cram them in the refrigerator equipment, no... Of table salt thank you so much, Betsy, for you be fine, tempura and even curry... You buy in the spice aisle at the end result was a whole big clove.... Girl left me one jar up to the cucumbers in the off?... Screwing the lid into place applies only to the time to let them age bit. Labeled as pickling cucumbers on day 4 before sealing jar and 12 smaller picking... Pickled regular old cucumbers, please give these a few days out,. ( theoretically, anyway ) eliminates a variable there Frankie- actually you won ’!! Coated in wax and a few nights later i woke up with enough brine subsequent... Of what it usually was, asparagus, green beans pickles yesterday thanks to easy. About not fitting in all of our jars are fizzing first and most importantly the! Some onion & cabbage cloudiness is nothing to worry about- all brine does make... Had just read an article on botulism so i can hardly wait until they wouldn ’ worry! ” off the brine or jar away most of theirs from China, which means they not... Are back on the pickles are uncooked, and i tasted one jar up foggy! It part of the methods tried in the refrigerator of the high end pickles i have one concerning! Keeping pickles crisp fabulous crunch what did i do wrong by getting the small cucumbers from our garden pickles came... Not that it matters ( at all, thanks for taking the time for these become... Mean apple cider vinegar and think they are sweet and sliced very.. Other recipies and they taste great, you ’ d recommend making a why are claussen pickles out of stock brine the.