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terrydriveTerry Dwyer is available for speaking engagements and presentations for high school and university students, coastal community groups, historical societies, civic or social clubs, business associations and or other organizations. His fascinating presentations include information about scuba diving, scuba tourism and shipwrecks that he has explored along Nova Scotia’s coast. Other informative presentations can be presented in a seminar form to an audience of any size or an in depth workshop complete with handouts, a Q & A session and a multimedia show (slide or video). They can be tailored to specific individual or group requirements and can be lengthened or shortened to fit any time frame or schedule desired. If you would like more information or if you would like to arrange a presentation, you can contact Terry via his e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Some Comments about Terry's Presentations & Workshops

“Thanks for offering such a great program! The turnout--55 people--was fantastic, considering it was a Monday night in December. The program was excellent--one of the best ones we hosted at Central! Customers all rated the program Excellent.Several commented that this program was extremely interesting and entertaining. The speaker was very knowledgeable and funny as well. Highly recommend having him come back”.

Alison Black
Adult Services Librarian
Halifax Central Library

Terry's presentation was a interesting look not only at the shipwrecks that can be found in Canada but the time, dedication and money (a forgiving wife or girlfriend required) needed to locate these lost wrecks. His humorous stories about his expeditions and the people he met were extremely entertaining. His adventures in the movie industry caught many of the attendees attention and interest. Shipwrecks, whatever their condition, are an amazing peek into the past. If you get the chance to hear his presentation, don't miss it.

Scottie Fahey
Cincinnati Diving Center

Terry’s Wreck Hunter Seminar …. Simply Awesome! Just sums it up perfectly.
It’s easy to recognize how passionate Terry is about Wreck Hunting. He wears it on his sleeve. Terry can take an audience on literary adventure simply by walking through his past expeditions. Every diver wants to “find the treasure”. Terry is a proven source to do just that. Terry Dwyer is not only a fun, articulate and exciting speaker, he is someone who walks the walk … not just talks the talk. We are very much looking forward to riding along-side one of his amazing adventures sometime soon. Thanks again Terry!

John Flanders
The Academy of Scuba - Phoenix, Arizona

"We were fortunate to have Terry do presentations at our Main-A-Dieu and North Sydney Libraries. The coastal communities of Cape Breton are rich in Marine history so it was a pleasure to have someone like Terry share his knowledge of shipwrecks with us. His presentation was absolutely amazing! He brings a passion and enthusiasm that makes you want to learn more! His presentation was informative, humorous, and extremely interesting; we were captivated from beginning to end. We look forward to the release of your next book and to your next visit with us!"

Laurie MacCormick
Programmes/Outreach Assistant
Cape Breton Regional Library

“Terry has put together an extremely interesting and well-documented presentation. His obvious love of his subject keeps audiences engaged. His wreck-hunting adventures would make great television documentaries. Thank you, Terry, for sharing your wonderful experiences with us”.

Roland Morrison, Chief Instructor
Shearwater Scuba Club

"Terryis a powerful speaker and was well received by our guests for Shipwrecks 2011. We had 500 people at our show this year and according to themhe was one of the highest rated speakers in our questionnaires and we look forward to having him again in the future.Terry, thank you for sharing your passion for shipwrecks and diving with us. We were honored to have you. Good luck in your continuing adventures!

"Natasa Djermanovic
President, Niagara Divers Association

“Just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed last night. Terry, you did a great job and presented with amazing humor, confidence and knowledge. I had at least three people tell me after (other than my family)that they would have loved it to be way longer. Well done. Thanks for your generosity and efforts. It was great.”

Kristen Habermehl
Fall River Chapel,
Fall River, Nova Scotia

Terry Dwyer had the attention of the 30 people in Blandford who had the good fortune of attending his presentation for the Historical Society and he held that attention for the 50 minutes that he spoke to them about his passion: finding shipwrecks. The presentation was comprehensive and humorous with excellent visuals. It was an eye-opener for most of us. Thank you

D’Arcy Enright
Blandford Historical Society, Blandford, Nova Scotia

“Terry Dwyer has a passion seldom seen in our modern world. He has the ability to deeply appreciate the story of the vessels he dives upon and he cares for the objects found on those wrecks. Terry brings this passion to life in his lectures. His appreciation for our history shines forth in his book and in every presentation he makes. I truly recommend to anyone with a love of our Maritime History to take the opportunity to enjoy his presentations, which are full of wit, humor and knowledge. Thank you Terry for an enjoyable afternoon”.

Kathy Stitt
Queens County Museum, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

“I attended a fantastic seminar on shipwreck hunting given by Terry Dwyer at GR8 DIVN in Las Vegas Nevada. I was surprised how in-depth and interesting it was to hear about ship wrecks, their history, finding them, and the equipment used to hunt down our nautical past. Also the amount of research needed prior to any venture in searching out a relic of the past amazed me.
I would like to thank Terry for such a great talk and adventurous look into the past”.

Victor Reilley
NAUI Instructor # 10668
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I want to thank you for making the trip to Bridgewater to talk about the exciting world of shipwrecks. Your presentation was fun and interesting, and your personal experiences made it even more real for us. Our audience was enthralled with the topic, and we had faces in our audience that I haven't seen at the Museum before. Good luck with your future expeditions, and I look forward to having you back to talk about St. Paul Island.

Kendra Power
Program Officer
DesBrisay Museum
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

“Your presentation was unbelievable; it is people like you that are going to make a difference with shipwrecks. It’s events like these that are going to motivate divers to channel their passion in ways other than pillaging and looting. Thank you so much for coming out, and we hope to see you again soon. I don’t think there is a person out there who has the combination of your expertise, your experience, and your willingness to share, and I think everyone left the event in awe… and inspired! Maybe we can take a look at a few adventures down the road and do some really exciting things!”

Andrew Hiscock
Program Manager
Ocean Quest Adventure Resort / Oxygene Newfoundland
Conception Bay South
Newfoundland & Labrador


"Terry Dwyer’s talk on the exciting world of shipwreck hunting brought in a full house, over 30 people showed up at AquaSub Scuba Diving Centre.
His passion and knowledge was evident as he lead us through the ins and outs of wreck hunting. Terry definitely left us with a lasting impression and a desire to do some wreck hunting of our own. Thanks Terry!"

Jessica Templin & Norbert Pietkiewicz
AquaSub Scuba Diving Centre Inc.
Richmond Hill, Ontario

“We were thrilled to have had Terry present his new "Shipwreck Hunting Seminar" for our historical society. Terry took everyone through a step by step process, and his talk covered all aspects including the new and old techniques required when searching for wrecks as well as the modern equipment that is now available. The photo images that accompanied the presentation were awesome! He also brought us up to date on several of the projects that he is currently working on. I must say Terry has a certain knack for getting others excited about his passion and our group was no exception. Thank you for a wonderful evening”.

Doug Shand
President of the Chapel Hill Historical Society
Shag Harbour, Shelburne County

It was a pleasure to meet you too, and thank you for coming all this way to give your presentation. I was very pleased with the turnout of 45 people. We'd love to have you back sometime, and/or have you talk at the CB Naturalist's Society. Let us know if you are going to be in the area for other reasons and would be available for a talk. Merry Christmas to you and your family and hope to see you again next year.

Christine Thomson,
McConnell Library, Sydney Nova Scotia

Both as a scuba diver and a businessman, I want to congratulate you on your recent Wreck Diver presentation at Scuba 2000. As a diver, I was fascinated by the incredible photos of virgin shipwrecks loaded with artifacts and also by the sophisticated search equipment being used to find these treasures on our East Coast. The details you provided about researching, finding and diving on shipwrecks were intriguing. All the other divers in the room were equally impressed. I appreciate the time you took to come early to the dive store to simply meet the divers and chat with them about wreck hunting and about your book. The presentation was one of the best we've ever had. Not only did your presence draw the divers to Scuba 2000 but now many other divers, having heard about it are calling us as well.

Let's book a return engagement soon!
Thank you,


Alec Peirce
Scuba 2000
Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for the presentation you gave in our community hall at Breton Cove. Now THAT was exciting. It is an entire area of Nova Scotia history that seems to be almost totally overlooked, and which would be absolutely wonderful for many visitors to our area. As a matter of fact, visitors regularly ask about the shipwreck history but almost tentatively because it seems no one knows about it. For the weeks following your presentation the locals meeting at my store were discussing the subject, and in general very amazed at the facts.Over 50 people turned out for your presentation, we would like to get you back again, perhaps in the summer or autumn for another evening. It was a very exciting presentation.

Marcelle Lavoie
Wreck Cove General Store
Wreck Cove, Cape Breton

I had the opportunity to attend one of Terry’s presentations in April 2008 at the North Shore Gaelic Singers Hall Here, on the
NorthShore of the Cabot Trail. First of all I would like to say that visits and presentations to smaller areas like ours are not only appreciated but you couldn't help but notice how enthralled the audience was with his presentation. I think most people thought that they were going to sit through a couple of hours of facts and figures, and what they got was a lesson in our own Nova Scotia culture and history, presented by a pretty good story teller. Keep up the good work Terry especially to the outlying areas like ours.

Mike Crimp -Cape Breton Seacoast Adventures
Wreck Cove, Cape Breton

Terry did a wonderful job of presenting the allure of an expedition to a historic locale, that is a world class diving destination, so little known or visited by divers. The logistics seemed a bit daunting, but the rewards in virgin wrecks,with many trailing into deeper water, which he referred to as "3-D" wrecks, made any of the work to get there slip into insignificance!! If you ever get a chance to sit in on one of his talks - don't miss it!!! It is like being an armchair adventurer at a National Geographic workshop on exploring the far reaches of the planet!!

Greg Croft – Dive Planning Committee Member
Shearwater Scuba Club, Shearwater, Nova Scotia

"A true patriot of underwater exploration... His experience combined with his passion for the unknown at sea captivates his audience new and old. A resource and a friend, he is welcome anytime."

Capt. D.W. McCarthy
President "CFB Gagetown Tankers Scuba Club"
New Brunswick

"Terry Dwyer did a fantastic presentation for our dive club - The Kentville Hellfish - taking us into the deep sea discussing with us the many shipwrecks of Nova Scotia and touching on his new book Wreck Hunter. The presentation was very informative and truly excellent as it touched upon a wide variety of issues as they relate to the diving industry. Terry was well prepared with a fantastic slide show, handouts as well as some great prizes given away at the end of the evening. Everyone truly enjoyed participating. We would highly recommend Terry for anyone interested in knowing more about this great adventure."

Mike and Liz Huntley -Sand & Sea Dive Shop
Kentville Nova Scotia

"Terry had one of the most well attended sessions at the TIANS Tourism Conference, with over 80 % of the participants wanting to hear more"

Karl Webb - President TIANS &
Judith Cabrita - Managing Director TIANS